« End of Occupation » No 952

Kushner’s main goal is to break the Palestinians’ spirit and their hope for a sovereign state on all territories occupied in 1967

‘The art of humiliation’

In an attempt to offer his own rendition of the old adage, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”, Mr Kushner ( son in law of Trunp ) wrote in a January 2018 email that: “Our goal can’t be to keep things stable and as they are, our goal has to be to make thing significantly BETTER! Sometimes you have to strategically risk breaking things in order to get there.”

All of this reminds me of an old story Kushner surely knows – a Hebrew parable about a poor man who complained to his rabbi about living with his big family in a small house. The rabbi told him to bring all his animals into the house. Though astonished, the man did what he was told. The next day he rushed back to see the rabbi and complained that the situation has gotten much worse. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 951

When Israel imposes contraception on its Ethiopian women

The Israeli Ministry of Health admitted to having injected one contraceptive agent in immigrant Falasha Jews. Without their knowledge.

By Armin Arefi

The mystery is finally lifted on the astonishing 50% decline in the fertility rate of Ethiopian Jews in Israel since 2000. After five years of successive denials, the Israeli government admitted that it had established a system of contraception of immigrant women of Ethiopian origin before their arrival in Israel. The affair made a big splash last December, after the Israeli TV broadcast of a report in the educational show, Vacuum. Thirty-five Ethiopian immigrant women say they were forced to accept an injection of Depo-Provera, a long-term contraceptive agent, eight years ago, at the risk of not being allowed to enter Israeli territory.“They told us it was a vaccine,” says a woman interviewed by journalist Gal Gabbay, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported Sunday. “They told us that people who have many children suffer.” “We told them we did not want the injection,” says Emawayish, another Ethiopian.


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« End of Occupation » No 950

I fought South African apartheid. I see the same brutal policies in Israel

Ronnie Kasrils

As a Jewish South African anti-apartheid activist I look with horror on the far-right shift in Israel ahead of this month’s elections, and the impact in the Palestinian territories and worldwide.

Israel’s repression of Palestinian citizens, African refugees and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza has become more brutal over time. Ethnic cleansing, land seizure, home demolition, military occupation, bombing of Gaza and international law violations led Archbishop Tutu to declare that the treatment of Palestinians reminded him of apartheid, only worse. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 949

Trump Replaces God in Grateful Republican Jews’ Passover Song ‘Dayenu’

During the Republican Jewish Coalition, an American lobbying group that met in Las Vegas over the weekend, President Trump was the center of praise — and a new version of the Passover song “Dayenu.”

RJC chairman Norm Coleman introduced Trump: “There were some doubters in this room, and I was foolishly among them.” He then led the crowd in a Trump-style rendition of Dayenu, which means “It would have been enough for us,” JTA reported. He listed what he said were the president’s accomplishments, including his tax cuts, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Israel’s right to the Golan Heights and pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. (more…)

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