End of Occupation No 931

Knesset approves 200 communities where Arabs are banned

200 communities for Jews only from which Arabs are banned!  But we must not call it “APARTHEID”!  We do not want to shock those delicate sensibilities that insist that “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”!

The legislation committee at the Israeli Knesset yesterday approved 200 extra communities where non-Jewish inhabitants can be banned, Arab48 reported. (more…)

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End of Occupation No 930

Justin Trudeau Conflating BDS With Anti-Semitism Is Dangerous By Sarah Ghabrial and Elena Razlogova “Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, This letter concerns Canada’s recent apology for turning away the MS St.…

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End of Occupation No 929

Netanyahu’s Friends Vote Against Him at the UN The United Nations General Assembly's "Special Political and Decolonization Committee" has adopted a series of resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict that seem…

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Notification to the 2018 PAJU Annual General Assembly

The meeting will be at:

Salle de l’Association des Travailleurs Grecs

5359 avenue du Parc

9h30 à 15h30

For PAJU members, this is the opportunity to renew their membership card and for those who wish to become members of PAJU, the opportunity to acquire a membership card. The PAJU membership card is fixed at $10. Please note that in order to take out a membership card, it is required that one first accept PAJU’s Charter (attached to this email along with PAJU bylaws). (more…)

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