End of Occupation No 929

Netanyahu’s Friends Vote Against Him at the UN The United Nations General Assembly's "Special Political and Decolonization Committee" has adopted a series of resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict that seem…

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Notification to the 2018 PAJU Annual General Assembly

The meeting will be at:

Salle de l’Association des Travailleurs Grecs

5359 avenue du Parc

9h30 à 15h30

For PAJU members, this is the opportunity to renew their membership card and for those who wish to become members of PAJU, the opportunity to acquire a membership card. The PAJU membership card is fixed at $10. Please note that in order to take out a membership card, it is required that one first accept PAJU’s Charter (attached to this email along with PAJU bylaws). (more…)

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Statement on the Attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue

Press release

Montreal, October 29th, 2018

Palestinian and Jewish Unity condemns the odious and criminal attack by the extreme-right militant and Trump devotee, Robert Bowers which resulted in the deaths of eleven members of the Jewish community of Pittsburgh and the wounding of six others, all at prayer at the Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday morning, October 27th, 2018. This crapulous hate-crime is the bitter fruit of the rise of the new fascism which calls itself the ‘Alt-Right’ movement. We express our deep sympathy with the bereaved families and friends of the victims of this senseless crime.

What we are witnessing at present – growing out of a terrain sown with the seeds of neo-liberal austerity planning and the accompanying job loss, impoverishment and breaking down of the social fabric – is the emergence of ever-increasing xenophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-visible minority extreme-right movements, akin to those which rose in the Twenties and Thirties of the previous century on the heels of the Great Depression. (more…)

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Boycot, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Campaign

MESSAGE from the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine

As the year 2005 ends, twenty groups that are members of theCoalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine (CJPP), are launching a Quebec campaign of boycott, divestment, and sanctions, to force Israel to respect international law.  This message briefly outlines the campaign and invites you to start taking action towards this goal immediately, during the various social and family gatherings that will mark the coming ‘Holiday Season’.

In the press release that was sent out to launch the campaign, the spokespersons for the coalition stated: “We must stop believing in the false pronouncements of peace of the Israeli State and in the roadmap of its US sponsor.  Because, in practise, under the cover of the hyper-showcased Gaza ‘disengagement’, Israel is moving ahead with a much more significant expansion of its settlements in the West Bank, and continues the illegal construction of its apartheid wall, gradually reducing the occupied Palestinian territories into a disconnected patchwork of mini-bantoustans.” (more…)

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