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UN: Francesca Albanese appointed spécial rapporteur for Human Rights in Occupied Palestine, and immediatley  smeared by Israel

According to Israeli media, Israeli authorities take a dim view of the appointment by the United Nations of the Italian legal expert Francesca Albanese to the post of special rapporteur for human rights in occupied Palestine.

The Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported that the appointment was condemned by the Israeli ambassador to the UN organization because she had in the past compared the Palestinian Nakba to “the Holocaust of World War II”.

According to the newspaper, Israel’s representative to the UN Geneva, Meirav Eilon Shahar, said after the announcement by the President of the Human Rights Council that Albanese had been appointed to this post, that ” Israel expects no fair, objective or professional treatment from an activist who promotes blatant slander. »

“Albanese compared the Holocaust to the Nakba and called for the actual destruction of the nation-state of the Jewish people,” Shahar said, according to the Israeli newspaper.

Author of the book “Palestinian Refugees in International Law”, Ms. Albanese spoke in videos posted on YouTube of her support for the right of Palestinians to return to their homeland, saying: “The tragedy that has struck against the Jewish people during the Holocaust is an indescribably terrible tragedy, and so for the Palestinians the Nakba represents the fragmentation of the collective fabric of the people,” reports the Jerusalem Post.

Albanese also said in the video that “Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian people was not a war between states,” but rather a “colonial project that turned into apartheid.”

At the end of its 49th session held in Geneva, the Human Rights Council announced the appointment of Francesca Albanese to the post of special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, to succeed special rapporteur Michael Lynk .

Adapted from: https://europalestine.com/2022/04/08/onu-francesca-albanese-nommee-rapporteur-special-pour-les-droits-de-lhomme-en-palestine-occupee-et-aussitot-calomniee-par-israel/