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  • The Trudeau government’s statement on Palestine: redundant and irrelevant

    PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) Press Release for immediate publication Montreal, May 18th, 2021 Once again, the Trudeau government has issued its stock response to the violence in the Middle East, one which is full of the usual contradictions. The statement, which follows a meeting by the members of the UN Security Council, states:” “Canada […]

  • Time to Investigate Crimes in Palestine, Time for Justice

    Joint Open Letter to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Re: Over 180 Palestinian, Regional, and International Human Rights Coalitions, Organisations, and IndividualsCall on the International Criminal Court: Time to Investigate Crimes in Palestine, Time for Justice 29 April 2020 Your Excellency Fatou Bensouda, On 20 December 2019, following almost five years of preliminary examination, the Prosecutor […]

  • Nakba 2020

    #Nakba72 Art credit; Ghassan Kanafani, ‘The Displaced’, 1957, Mixed media on carton, 36 x 50 cm. There is much that can be said, but what we most want to say is #Nakba72 is on our mind and in our hearts, and shown in our actions. We call on Canada, as we have for the last two years, […]

  • Bruce Katz: ‘On the false notion of anti-Semitism’

    24 August 2019 This is the presentation given by Bruce Katz at the CISO (Centre International de Solidarité Ouvrière) at the Symposium on Palestinian Self-Determination held in Montreal from November 29th to December 1st, 2018. Translated from the original French. CISO Symposium on Palestinian Self-Determination  ‘On the false notion of anti-Semitism’ Bruce Katz Co-President Palestinian […]