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  • End of Occupation No 935

    American Jews and Israeli Jews Break Up The New York Times contains a long article ( titled  “American Jews and Israeli Jews Break Up,” that lots of people are passing around. Author Jonathan Weisman, deputy Washington editor, avers that increasingly American Jews regard Israel as another rightwing foreign country that is aligned with “their existential […]

  • End of Occupation No 934

    A letter from Gaza to Justin Trudeau Dear Mister Prime Minister, why do you support Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza? by Basem Naim 11th of June 2018 Dear Prime Minister, We hope this letter finds you and the Canadian people well. We have watched with great interest your political career since you assumed office in […]

  • End of Occupation No 933

    SHEIKH SAYAKH WILL GO TO PRISON, THE DISGRACE TO HIS JUDGES Amos Gvirtz Sheikh Sayakh is about to be imprisoned for ten months, having been sentenced for trespassing and entering public property in violation of the law on state lands. And here, this criminal wins the support of human rights and co-existence activists. Naturally one […]

  • End of Occupation No 932

    FREE GEORGES IBRAHIM ABDALLAH! Georges Ibrahim Abdallah  is a Lebanese revolutionary who has been imprisoned for 34 years in France. He is now incarcerated in Lannemezan prison. His security sentence was completed in 1999. This Lebanese national, from a Christian family, originally from Kobayat in northern Lebanon, is now 67 years old. Co-founder in 1979 […]