” End of Occupation ” No 942

The Clintons Earned Over $3.5 Million in Paid Addresses to Pro-Israel Organizations

Sarah Lazare et Max Blumenthal

Bill Clinton said he “would grab a rifle” and fight for Israel during paid speech.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are under increasing scrutiny from the mainstream press over paid speeches they have given to big banks in exchange for millions of dollars. According to CNN, the couple has earned a total of $153 million in lecture fees from companies and organizations affiliated with the financial industry. (more…)

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” End of Occupation ” No 941

US federal judge dismisses lawsuit against BDS supporters

Pro-Israeli groups have suffered a major defeat in a US court after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against the American Studies Association’s (ASA) resolution to endorse the call to boycott Israeli academic institutions as part of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The ruling is a significant victory for human rights campaigners and a blow to efforts by Israel lobby groups to use courts to harass, intimidate and silence supporters of Palestinian rights in US universities – a tactic known as lawfare. It’s also a major boost for Americans sacked from their jobs on the back of anti-BDS legislation, denounced by critics as unconstitutional. (more…)

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Eurovision: Peter Gabriel, Vivienne Westwood and more urge BBC to move the competition from Israel

Peter Gabriel, Vivienne Westwood and Roger Waters are among those British cultural figures to sign an open letter asking the BBC to push Eurovision on moving the competition from Israel. “Eurovision may be light entertainment,” the letter published in The Guardian reads, ”but it is not exempt from human rights considerations – and we cannot ignore Israel’s systematic violation of Palestinian human rights.” Israel are set to host the singing competition after the country’s entry – Netta, with the song “Toy” – won the 2018 edition. The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, had wanted to hold the 2019 competition in Jerusalem, but the city’s nationality has been heavily disputed, with Palestine claiming ownership over the Israeli-occupied area. The competition will instead take place in Tel Aviv. The letter, also signed by the band Wolf Alice and director Mike Leigh, continues: “The European Broadcasting Union chose Tel Aviv as the venue over occupied Jerusalem – but this does nothing to protect.” (more…)

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Ethiopians shut down Tel Aviv with protest against police brutality

Amir Alon, Itay Blumenthal|

It began at Ezrieli Junction, continued onto the Ayalon Highway and ended at Rabin square where thousands of Ethiopians gathered to protest against police brutality in Tel Aviv Wednesday afternoon and evening. After blocking the Ezrieli Junction, protesters proceeded to descend to the Ayalon Highway bringing traffic on Tel Aviv’s main artery to a standstill. Many other Tel Aviv streets were blocked as well causing huge backups and delays all over the city and the wider Gush Dan area.

The protest was sparked by the killing of Yehuda Biadga, 24, by police in Bat Yam two weeks ago as he was waving a knife. Witnesses say the youth posed no direct danger to the lives of the officers. The incident is still being investigated. (more…)

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