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  • End of Occupation » No 1103

    UN Special Rapporteur says Israel is committing ‘pitiless’ apartheid in new report “With the eyes of the international community wide open, Israel has imposed upon Palestine an apartheid reality in a post-apartheid world, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Michael Lynk writes in a new report. BY YUMNA PATEL  MARCH 24, 2022 UN Special Rapporteur on Human […]

  • End of Occupation » No 1102

    Lebanon: Extent of torture in Israeli-backed prison revealed in declassified documents Shin Bet released documents about the notorious Khiam facility ahead of legal proceedings set to take place in early April By Edna Mohamed 23 March 2022 Newly declassified documents released by Israel‘s security agency Shin Bet show the extent of the torture that prisoners endured during their […]

  • End of Occupation » No 1101

    Palestinian Authority caught between the U.S. and Russia on Ukraine The PA has refused to condemn Russia following its invasion of Ukraine despite pressure from the Biden Administration. One reason for this is that joining the anti-Russia western chorus would further isolate an already isolated Palestine. BY RAMZY BAROUD  MARCH 17, 2022 A new global geopolitical game […]

  • End of Occupation » No 1100

    We Are Palestinians, and We Refuse to Leave Our Homeland BY  SALAH HAMOURI In 2011, I was released from Israeli prison as part of the prisoner exchange that saw the liberation of more than 1,027 Palestinians from Israel’s colonial system of punitive imprisonment. Having been incarcerated for nine years, from age nineteen, I was now keen to […]