End of Occupation » No 1053

175 000 Holocaust Survivors Live in Israel. Most Live on $101 a Month in Government Stipends

While some Holocaust survivors in Israel are entitled to 10,000 shekels a month, the majority have to get by with a fraction of that

Israel prides itself on taking care of its 174,500 Holocaust survivors, but the government’s policy on stipends for them has been criticized as unequal and inadequate, with most survivors living on a small stipend of 4,000 shekels ($1,217) a year.

The policy divides survivors into multiple categories, each corresponding to a different sum of money, which the director general of the Social Equality Ministry says has caused ‘intolerable’ disparities.

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End of Occupation » No 1052

23 Reasons I’m Ashamed of Israel

By Yehuda Atlas

I’m ashamed to live in a country in which the prime minister is facing a hearing, and a possible trial, over so many serious charges.

I’m ashamed of living in a country in which election campaigning stoops to such a foul level, including allegations of secrets the Iranians know from Gantz’s mobile phone, or claims that Gantz is unfit for office. What nonsense. Bibi, he was your chief of staff!

I’m ashamed of living in a country in which an actor was made up to look like journalist Amnon Abramovich, mocking a decorated war hero who was seriously burned in the 1973 war, with someone believing that this would impress and influence anyone and affect the election results. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1051

Biden’s Spokesperson at the service of the Israeli Espionage

US President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki collaborated with an Israeli company spying on Palestinians in the occupied territories, the Electronic Intifada (EI) website reveals.

EI has had access to the Declaration of Interests that senior White House officials are required to complete. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1050

Israel prefers to throw away its surplus covid vaccines, rather than giving them to Palestinians

While hospitals in the West Bank are at more than 110% of their capacity and 216,000 cases of covid, as well as 2,343 deaths (according to the WHO report published in early March) have been recorded since the start of the epidemic, which translates to a 38% increase in contaminations and 61% in deaths, Israel refuses to give the Palestinians its surplus vaccine doses.

In a scathing article, the Israeli daily Haaretz recently revealed that “hundreds of doses are thrown in the trash every day” in Israel, due to Israelis not showing up for the vaccine. (more…)

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