« End of Occupation » No 1013

In Gaza, families plead for help after two infants die awaiting permits for medical treatment in Israel

Two infants have died in the Gaza Strip awaiting permits for medical treatment in Israel, a tragedy that Palestinians anxiously fear could expand in the coming weeks. Permits for Gaza’s sickest patients to receive treatment in Israel and the West Bank ended abruptly on May 19 when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced an end to coordination with Israel. It was a protest move against Israel’s plans to annex parts of the West Bank in July.

The first child died last week, nine-month-old Omar Yaghi who awaited permission to exit Gaza for surgery for a cardiac abnormality. On Monday, Anwar Harb died nine days after his birth, also from a cardiac disease. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1012

Biden, Israel, and the Palestinian People

By Josh Ruebner

With presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden currently enjoying a six-point lead in a recent national poll conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University, it is not too early to speculate about what a Biden administration foreign policy toward Israel and the Palestinian people might look like.

Biden is a throwback to a bygone era when Democrats and Republicans demonstrated equal fealty toward Israel and disregarded Palestinian rights altogether. A Biden administration would likely reflect that outmoded worldview. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1011

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Inspired by US protests, Ethiopian-born Israeli ministers battle against police brutality

By Danny Zaken

June 18, 2020

The May 25 killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and the protests that followed reminded many in Israel of similar cases right here in the Middle East. The most prominent ot these in Israel was the killing of Solomon Tekah by a policeman in July 2019. The official investigation of that event has yet to be completed. At the time, Mazal Mualem wrote in Al-Monitor that the protest that erupted after Tekah’s funeral was one of the most violent that Israel has seen since the country was founded. It gave voice to the deep crisis in trust between a marginalized group in Israeli society and the various law enforcement agencies, chief among them the police and its Internal Affairs division. For Israelis of Ethiopian origin, these two groups personify the institutionalized racism they face because of the color of their skin. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1010

How Canadian MPs in the Canada-Israel Inter-Parliamentary group are at the table of apartheid

By Bruce Katz

June 11, 2020

The characteristics of Israel’s colonial domination of the subjugated Palestinian population are already widely acknowledged as constituting apartheid. When the government of Israel passed the “Jewish Nation-State law”, Israel officially endorsed apartheid, in flagrant violation of international and human rights law.

The Nation-State Law overrides all other laws considered contradictory to this basic law that states unequivocally that only Jews have the “right of national self-determination” in Israel, disenfranchising for all intent and purpose 1.5 million Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin (approximately 20 per cent of the population of Israel). (more…)

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