End of Occupation » No 1107

Israel will destroy itself, says former Israeli minister

One of “Israel’s” own says it is heading toward the abyss and accuses the political circle in “Israel” of considering its narrow interests only.

Today, Saturday, April 30, the former Minister of Internal Security of the Israeli occupation, Avigdor Kahalani, stressed that he fears the fate of “Israel” after one generation, adding that “internal problems will destroy it.”

Kahalani said in a cultural seminar with journalist Roi Katz in occupied Bir Sabe’ that “Israel” is not prepared for what is to come, and in ten years, the situation will be worse.

He mentioned that the guns aimed at Iran must first be directed to the inside; i.e. at “Israel” because today it is deteriorating, expecting pedestrians to start holding guns, according to the former Minister. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1106

Israel is still arming Ukrainian Nazis

Asa Winstanley Rights and Accountability 21 April 2022

A video published by Ukraine’s Azov Battalion on Twitter this week showed one of its fighters firing an anti-tank missile. In the tweet Azov claimed it had hit a Russian vehicle.

Israeli media on Wednesday identified the missile system in the Azov video as a Matador, a weapon developed by a consortium involving Rafael, a state-owned Israeli arms manufacturer.

The weapon seen in the video does match with established photos of the Matador.

Yahoo News reported last month that Ukraine had bought 5,100 of the missile systems from a German manufacturer – the same firm that jointly developed the Matador with Rafael.

Matador is a portmanteau of “man-portable anti-tank, anti-door” since it is also used to blow holes in walls when fighting in urban areas. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1105

U.S. Jews favor return to Iran deal, and don’t care about Israel as a political issue

Jews support a return to the Iran deal by 68-32, according to a new survey. And when Jews are asked to name their top two political issues, Israel shows up near the bottom of the list, well behind climate change.


American Jews overwhelmingly support the renewal of the Iran deal, and very few American Jews consider Israel a political priority, according to a new survey of American Jewish voters.

Jews support a return to the Iran deal by 68-32, the Jewish Electoral Institute found in a poll of 800 Jews this spring. The proportion is nearly 4-to-1 among Reform Jews (79-21) and women (77-23). And Jews over 65 are for the deal by a larger percentage (72-28) than Jews under 40. Only the orthodox are against the Iran deal, by 85-15! But orthodox make up just 9 percent of the Jewish population. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1104

UN: Francesca Albanese appointed spécial rapporteur for Human Rights in Occupied Palestine, and immediatley  smeared by Israel

According to Israeli media, Israeli authorities take a dim view of the appointment by the United Nations of the Italian legal expert Francesca Albanese to the post of special rapporteur for human rights in occupied Palestine.

The Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported that the appointment was condemned by the Israeli ambassador to the UN organization because she had in the past compared the Palestinian Nakba to “the Holocaust of World War II”.

According to the newspaper, Israel’s representative to the UN Geneva, Meirav Eilon Shahar, said after the announcement by the President of the Human Rights Council that Albanese had been appointed to this post, that ” Israel expects no fair, objective or professional treatment from an activist who promotes blatant slander. » (more…)

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