Chabad’s Supernal Jews: Racism in Contemporary Western Judaism

Forward to My Essay

What Makes a Jew ‘Jewish’? is the title of one of my Chabad references in Chabad’s Supernal Jews.  It’s a far cry from ‘What makes a human Jewish?’  Well, human I am.  What makes this human Jewish?  Both my parents were Jewish and were well aware.  My father was German, and I was born in Germany in 1932.  We were lucky.  My mother’s German-born parents were already living in Newark, New Jersey.  We got out of Nazi Germany in 1937 and out of Holland to the U.S. in September 1940.  (I still have visual memories of an air raid shelter, lifeboat drills, and a gas mask too large for my small head.)  We were liberal Reform Jews, celebrated the High Holidays in Temple and at home, skipped Friday prayers, ate everything, and stretched Chanukah into Christmas when the calendar didn’t cooperate.

I can’t think of any other Jew in the private, secular high school I attended (which started every morning with an assembly that included a Christian hymn, an unanticipated benefit that introduced me to formal multiculturalism, so to speak).  In my freshman year at college I joined a Jewish fraternity.  We painted the walls and desegregated the frat house.   It was my first extended experience (outside my family) with Jews my age.  I learned the rest of my life from many of my fraternity brothers: Be a better human and ‘Jew’ will take better care of itself.  Whether or not you’re religious.  I’m not.

The notion that being Jewish precedes (or replaces) being human is a horrendously bad ideology, as my earliest childhood realities remind me.  What rekindles these memories so late in my life?  The arrival of a Chabad emissary in the neighborhood some eight or so years ago.  I’ve met the young man several times in a one-to-one.  He is truly, sincerely, a nice guy.  The Chabad sect?  If I had come across the name, I had never taken note.  Now I do.  Never having had an education in the history of Judaism, I had to overcome my incredulity that some rabbis conscientiously articulate a Jewish theory of Jewish race.

‘What makes a Jew “Jewish”?’ Is it a Jewish question? A Nazi question? Or both?  ‘Both’ is the right answer.  Although Chabad and Nazi ideologies offer entirely opposite answers to the same question, they agree there is legitimacy and importance to the question as such.  Its underlying assumption is ‘Jews are a unique race’.  Remove the assumption and the ‘What makes’ question is the opener of a joke.  Chabad and Nazi ideologies only share the assumption, not the contents of or causal explanation for their basic premise, not the two movements’ conflicting reasons for promoting and imposing its version of the truth of a Jewish race.  In both cases, the life consequences of the question are not confined to the classroom.  The international Chabad sect wields immeasurable political influence and power here and in Israel.  It actively engages its influence and power to make Jewish racism the leading ethic for Jewish sovereignty in Israel-without-borders.

Richard Rothschild

Chabad’s Supernal Jews

Racism in Contemporary Western Judaism

All humans are equal.  All Jews are half human.  Therefore Jews and non-Jews are not equal.  Don’t be alarmed, reader.  This is not the usual anti-Semitism.  It is the doctrine of the international Jewish sect, Chabad.

The Chabad doctrine– From each blade of grass and every grain of sand all the way up to Earth itself, every physical existence has its soul.  The soul characterizes what the thing is: the traits inherent in every object stem from its soul.  From this perspective ‘human beings’ are comprised of two distinct existences, Jews and non-Jews.  Non-Jews have only one soul whose characteristics within are such that non-Jews are “capable of no good whatsoever.”  It follows that “all the charity and kindness done by (them) is only for their self-glorification.”  Not so with Jews, whose human soul “also contains good, the good within (that) gives rise to positive natural traits,” but also, more significantly, whose unique second soul “is truly a part of God above.”  The Chabad doctrine explains that the intimate “connection”—the identity factor that affirms every Jew is a part of God in human flesh and God is Jewish—originated in God’s “thought” before He spoke His first Word.  And when He did finally utter, His deep breath implanted a literal part of Himself into every living, dead, and yet to be born Jew.  Non-Jews, not having been ‘thought’, are taxonomically closer to “sacred” grass and pebbles than they are to uniquely “holy” Jews.  Two entirely separate races or species of Man.{1}  I propose a Double-Creation model that highlights Chabad’s ‘God-Thought-Jew’ nexus that the widely-known Biblical Creation screens—

God → Thought → ‘Jew’ → Creation → Human Jews      = holy

↘       →       →       →  Creation → Humans (non-Jews)   = sacred

Here are six points and emphases to inform you of Chabad’s main ideological tenets:  i) Not God-in-Heaven and people-on-Earth but a stratification of four ‘Jews Only’ “spiritual Worlds”, from Atzilut, the World of Emanation, down to Asiyah, the World of Action, the spiritual form of our planet, the World of Pragmatism, I’ll call it.  God is present in all five of them, on Earth in the physical bodies of Jews.{2}  ii) All human’s souls issue in innate, invariable, ‘person’ traits.  All traits stemming from the Jew’s first soul and the non-Jew’s only soul are “emotive”, although their respective contents are absolutely and incompatibly different.{3}  The Jew’s unique second soul is “intellective”, consisting in wisdom, understanding and knowledge, corresponding to and bound up with their Divine counterparts written in capitals.{4}  iii) When God first ‘thought’ Jews, He also thought His purpose and destiny for them, namely to “prepare the ground” for His revelation.  Chabad is a messianic sect but of a different sort from Christianity, the Jewish God already being here, though not yet revealed, in every Jew.  (Chabad’s latest Chief Rabbi came close).{5}  iv) God’s will is the Jews’ “practical directive.” Pragmatically motivated, every Jew will participate in establishing Jewish dominion over non-Jews wherever they can. (See below)  v) After thinking ‘Jews’ but before saying ‘go’, God bundled Law as Torah into existence: all the physical and life science laws, mathematical and logical laws, and laws of morality, including Divine  commandments and rabbi-generated edicts.{6}  Lacking the three intellective traits, non-Jews are by nature incapable of grasping and coming to terms with Chabad’s “objective” morality that rejects non-Jews’ fictitious notions of equality, social justice, humanitarianism, and plain compassion for whoever’s need is greatest, Jew or non-Jew.  vi) The sect’s ideologues attach different labels to the two species: non-Jews are simply “the Nations of the World” while Jews are a “Nation”, a “People”, “Peoplehood” and esoteric (read ‘psychopathological’) “Supernal Man”, a reminder of the literal identity of Jews, with their innate (sefirot) wisdom, and Jewish God with His Divine “Supernal Wisdom”.  “Israel” is the recognized State, the borderless Land God granted in His second covenant, and the Jewish Nation.

Reader, for this paper, in broadest outline, that’s a sufficient introduction to the Chabad sect’s dogma.  The Tanya is the movement’s constitution including a design for a Jewish world order, directive for the overriding authority of rabbis in all political affairs, and, not least, a racialized way of understanding what a Jew and Judaism are.  The sect, founded in the last years of the 18th century, boasts 3 million members, overwhelmingly in Europe and the Americas, and has a welcoming public face with its Chabad Houses in many communities and on many campuses, and annual displays of its sectarian menorah.  Its will keep you busy.  I see you frowning, scowling.  Let’s move on.

What does Jewish God want of Jews?  “Establish courts of law and ensure justice in our world.”  The 7 Noahide Laws: Universal Morality explains what this law aims at:  “With every act of justice we (Jews) are restoring harmony [between Jews and non-Jews] in our world, synchronizing it with a supernal order.”{7}  Establishing supernal order down here in our world does not result in “harmonious” and “just” race relations in our non-Jewish sense.  “It is important to keep this (Noahide) law [and the other 6] because this is what the Supreme God wants of every one of us, and not only because they are wise and good laws.”

‘Because God wants’ carries unpleasant implications.  ‘Supreme’ notwithstanding, the Jewish God is the subject.  It is impossible for non-Jews to live justly or morally because that’s not what God wants.  Jewish God has denied them access to His “supernal order” from which all justice and morality flow.  Non-Jews have misconceived ‘meanings’ of morality, of justice and law; they are denied access to ‘transcendental’ knowledge of these concepts.{8}  God’s law for a racial world order was in His ‘thought’ before Creation.  He empowered Jews to transcribe His biblical compact, the Noahide Laws, into state law and enforce them on non-Jews wherever they can: in Israel, the recognized State within internationally recognized borders, and ‘Greater Israel’, the State with unspecified, wider borders.  And also ‘Israel’, the borderless Jewish Nation.  Jewish God wants the world all for Himself, in the flesh of Jews.

Jewish God’s prototype ‘Race-Relations’ Law for Greater Israel was compiled in human language eight centuries before 1948.  (It is inscribed in Israel’s ‘Jewish Nation-State’ basic law.  See footnote 20).  It can be considered under four headings—primacy of Jews’ lives, racial supremacy, death penalty and peace.  They’re in Avodat Kochavim{9}  Three categories of non-Jews are named: ‘idolaters’ (non-Jews who have not accepted the Noahide Laws), non-Jews who have accepted them, and converts.  The regulations, abbreviated and combined by me without distortion, are—

  • If we see an idolater drowning or his life is in danger, we should not help or save him, but it is forbidden to push him, if he is not waging war against us. We are forbidden to offer him medical treatment, even when offered a wage.
  • It is forbidden to sell idolaters homes and fields in Greater Israel, though one may rent them homes, though not more than three in a neighborhood. And even then it is forbidden to rent them homes as a dwelling.  It is forbidden to rent them fields because that would give them a resting place in our land.  It is forbidden to sell them land or anything attached to the land (e.g. fruit, grain) for the same ‘resting place’ danger.
  • When Israel is in power no idolater should be allowed among us, not even as a temporary resident or travelling salesman, until he accepts the Noahide Laws. Even then he must become a convert when . . .
  • We may not sign a formal peace agreement with idolaters. “They must renounce their (idol) worship or be slain. It is forbidden to have mercy on them.”
  • “It is a commandment (mitzvah) to eradicate Jewish traitors, heretics and Jews who do not participate in or support these laws.  [P.S. I’m one of them.]

You will object that these are Maimonides’ rules, not God’s.  Chabad rabbis respond that Torah is both written and oral.  The (unwritten) “Torah already existed in our World [in God’s mind] . . . The Torah is not how it is written in a book . . . It is the fullest manifestation of Godly wisdom,” explains the sect’s chief intelligence officer in The Oral Torah Versus the Written Torah: Why not Go Just by the Book.{10}  Maimonides was one of the great Jewish sages who transcribed God’s ‘oral wisdom’ (a precedent continued by all Chabad chief rabbis).   Am I then right in anticipating that you, reader, find these so-called ‘moral’ commandments disgusting, perhaps even more so because they’re in Jewish tradition?  Most likely you’re one of those with a “deliver us from evil” rather than ‘we must do all the evil we need to and can get away with’ upbringing.  But even Jews hate evil, don’t we?

Rule of Supernal Law or Rule of International UnLaw?  Our Hatred or Theirs?

Tzvi Freeman also was upset, at first.  He asks a riddle— Since God is perfect, how did evil get into the world?  Ans. – God had choices as to what to create.  His “very choice to hate is the ultimate source that brings evil into existence by implication.  You can’t hate something that doesn’t exist.”{11}  Evil exists when Jewish God decided to hate rather than not to hate.  Here are my related riddles— How can evil exist without people who do it?  Is there a racial dimension as to who delivers evil and who are its recipients?

My answer, following Freeman’s story— Before Creation, Jewish God believes He had a choice between hating and not hating.  Having chosen ‘hate’, He’s now an obsessive hater beyond repair.  To relieve His chronic torment He needs hate-worthy ‘enemies’ as His target.  So He created the anti-Semites.  But what can anti-Semites do without victims on whom to vent their hatred?  Needing victims to satisfy human hateful appetites, Jewish God thought Jews into existence.  He modeled them after Himself, with His hateful mental state intact.  The upshot is that we Jews have a trans-generational, incurable mental problem, and we caught it from the Jewish God.  Is there a difference between Jews’ heads that makes our hatred that brings out evil ‘good’, and non-Jews’ heads that keeps their hatred evil?  Is there a difference between their evil and ours?

Chabad’s intellectual spokesman tackles the conundrum with the concept ‘existential intolerance’, the “core of all bad human traits.”  Freeman describes this core as “the hatred of another tribe or person not for any evil quality, but simply because they exist.”  Jews exist but (as you have read in reference to their sefirot) have no “evil quality”.  Who hates us?   “The Amalek” (plus the other 6 Canaanite tribes), and all their present-day descendents.  They despise Jews (Hebrews, Israelites) for no reason other than “we exist”, thus exposing the “evil quality” of their bad human traits.  Freeman continues, “The elimination of these tribes [by Jewish God] teaches me we must destroy (existential) intolerance.”   So, Jewish “hatred of another tribe or person” is intolerance of their “evil quality” which calls for “elimination”.  (I’ll call Jewish intolerance Supernal.)  Freeman concludes, “As we can no longer identify any specific group as Amalekites, (our hate of existential intolerance) is no longer directed against a particular tribe, but rather against incorrigible evil in general.”

The irony and absurdity in Freeman’s argument is that the “evil quality” Jews hate is “incorrigible evil”, and it is incorrigible for the sole reason that at the core of Jews’ hatred is Jewish God’s hatred, Jewish God literally being at the core of all Jews.  Therefore hatred by Jews is as incorrigible and absolute as God’s.  Having chosen to want to hate, Jewish God cannot stop Himself from hating.  “He does not forgive the evil itself.  After all, that is what He chose: that He will hate evil with an ultimate hatred, and eventually have it utterly destroyed.”{12}  Freeman’s “we must destroy” is a trumpet call for Jews to turn our ‘intolerance of evil existence’ to defeating non-Jews for their ‘evil intolerance of existence as such.’   Non-Jews live among us, therefore “we must destroy” them for their “core of all bad human traits”.

What would an independent, well-informed arbitrator think of Freeman’s presentation?   First, ‘evil’, like ‘happiness’, do not identify entities.  They are the nominative forms of adjectives that describe attitudes and judgments that preclude second judgments, such as ‘evil’ goodness and ‘incorrigible’ happiness.  Second, she’d say Chabad’s hate is purposefully directed at an identified group of people: the contemporary Amalekite descendents among whom we live, most of whom do no evil and who desire to be on good and equal terms with Jews.  Third, in view of Maimonides’ edict that “(non-Jews) must renounce their (idol) worship or be slain (mercilessly),” she’d add that this reads like a Jewish declaration of perpetual war on non-Jews for no fault of theirs.  The sect discredits and discounts both international law and human decency.  Fourth, there’s that irresolvable contradiction: God’s “absolute hatred” that brings evil into existence and “eventually [He] will have it [evil] destroyed.”  By whom?  Who can “destroy” God’s “absolute hatred” and thereby the evil “that is commensurate to the worthiness” of His hatred?{13}  As long as Jews fantasize they’re God in disguise, they will be endlessly recreating the very evil worthy of the hate with which God creates evil.  All of this is irrational and insane, dangerous for Jews, and immediately more harmful for non-Jews.

Chabad’s counselors have a ready-made, two-part retort.  First, for the public, God made all of us in His image as humans, didn’t He?  None of us can stand outside or above who we are, can we?  Second, for insiders, no non-Jewish arbitrator can be “well informed” in the required sense.  Devoid of the intellective traits that stem from the Jews’ second soul, all their argumentations only satisfy their own vanity.  The very notion of ‘independence of judgment’ is a non-Jewish, self-glorifying fantasy.

Such responses are obfuscating.  It never occurs to non-Jews (and to Jews not acquainted with Chabad doctrine) that non-Jews have a congenital birth defect that confines the scope of their knowledge to its ordinary meaning: what we are aware of and understand and that for which we have comprehensible and verifiable information.  Well, plain meaning for us is not exactly “infinite, Divine illumination”.  Jews draw illumination down to Earth through the “four levels of motivation”, corresponding to the four spiritual Worlds (from Atzilut to Asiyah), one of which is the emotional motivator “fear and awe”.{14}  And still unaccounted for is the much greater inducement for Jews to act every day: the “absolute hatred” they inherited from God Himself.

Chabad’s underlying premise is, All actions motivated by hate are unconditionally evil. (Ref. Freeman above:  All evil that exists is the consequence of God’s having chosen hate: His hate causes, is the source of, evil.)  Here’s a list of what follows logically from Jewish God’s hatred—

  • All actions motivated by hate for which the Jewish and non-Jewish actor has no articulate explanation or thought-out reason are evil actions. Actions brought on by so-called blind hate are necessarily evil.
  • All actions motivated by hate, which, in the Jew’s and non-Jew’s perspective, is the appropriate motivating emotion in light of the examined circumstance, are evil actions. Although it seemed appropriate to mobilize hate into action against Hitler, from the logic of the basic premise defeating Hitler was necessarily evil.
  • All actions motivated by a Jew’s and non-Jew’s hate and which, in the actor’s point of view, induce him to act without adequate self-knowledge or understanding of his own temperament, are evil actions. Hate may arise from the actor’s unwarranted jealousy or envy, illusion about his purpose in the world, or delusion about himself, e.g. being a Supernal hater from Atzilut.  From the basic premise, all actions done out of hate, irrespective of the initiating self-misconceptions, fantasies and mental disorders, are unconditionally evil!

These three conclusions follow logically from a Chabad story-premise.   They are logical conclusions for human agents, which, in Chabad’s story, Jews are not.  The Chabad premise spelled out is: Jews, being thought into existence in loco Dei, are incorrigibly ‘supernally intolerant’ of non-Jews who are ‘existentially intolerant’ of Jews.  Non-Jews’ ‘existential no reason intolerance’ follows logically from Jewish God having created them with no capability of good whatsoever.  Jews’ Supernal intolerance follows logically from their Divine inheritance.  But what is logic?  For us, logical reasoning is a changing human mental activity with a Western history going back further than Aristotle and as recent as Wittgenstein.  In Chabad doctrine, logical reasoning has no history.  Logic operates by Jewish God-made invariable Law.{15}  Jews’ ‘good’ hatred of non-Jews follows by Law from Jews’ innate, motivating hatred, which follows ‘logically’ from Jews’ literal identity with Jewish God and His absolute hatred.

Told as history, here’s Chabad’s story— Peoples do not make their histories.  They’re too late for that.  The war between the Jewish Nation and the Nations of the World starts before Creation and continues uninterruptedly in post-Creation into a distant future when its history has not yet happened but whose outcome has been determined from before the before.  World history is as destined, and ultimately as predictable, as our knowledge of the daily changes in the phases of the moon for the next century.  By Jewish God’s choice, all humans are chess pieces in the game He’s making Jews play and which we Jews have already won before it began because God had His purpose before He set it all into motion.{16}  This Chabad narrative is seriously psychopathological and running loose in the real world.

But what other explanation can you offer?  I’m Jewish.  Chabad’s doctrine rejects the ‘in my (Jewish) opinion’ approach by stipulating that, at core, Jews don’t have opinions of their own.  Jews and Jewish God are an identity: identical Wisdom, etc., identical purpose, identical hate.  Jews are not Homo sapiens.  That’s the Nations of the World.  At core, it is as “literally impossible” for Jews to entertain their moral values as it is for Jews to marry non-Jews.{17}

Our Genocide or Theirs?

If the doctrine were strictly limited to Judaism or theology or religion, I, frankly, would not be very interested.  But a teaser of Freeman’s caught my attention— “Q: Did God once not command genocide, including women and children, even infants?  A: Yes.  Not genocide as we know it, since no-one spoke of genes in those times, but something that looks quite ugly nonetheless.”{18}  Perhaps then Jewish genocide, not of but by Jews, Jews who have a stronger claim to world domination than claims based on genetics?  That’s the ugly question Freeman wants to duck.   It’s the direct upshot of the story told and retold by generations of Chabad rabbis for two centuries.

What fate awaits our uncircumcised (and unorthodoxly circumcised)  friends and neighbors who are not among the few Righteous; who do not wish to be converts to the Jewish race; who do so wish but are unable to be received because they lack the prerequisite Jewish soul?   And what fate for false Jews — me, for example — correctly circumcised but outraged at the notion that I have a privileged soul that directly binds me to my Jewish God’s hate and implicates me, directly and indirectly, in killing non-Jews for the sole reason that’s what Jewish God wants Jews, as persons of Himself, to do?{19}

The Jewish God could put an immediate stop to this permanent state of racial war all by Himself.  By not being hateful.  Without His hate the Chabad story and the world would immediately be less evil.  Not only in the mythologized Land of Israel but in our real-world Israel with its actual land annexation, expulsions, dispossessions, segregation, extra-judiciary detentions, travel bans and racial killing.{20}  “Throughout most of the area (between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River) and in most aspects of life, Israeli authorities methodically privilege Jewish Israelis and discriminate against Palestinians.  Laws, policies and statements by leading Israeli officials make it plain that the objective of maintaining Jewish Israeli control over demographics, political power and land has long guided government policy.  In pursuit of this goal, authorities have dispossessed, confined, forcibly separated, and subjugated Palestinians by virtue of their identity…  In certain areas … these deprivations are so severe that they amount to the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.”{21}

‘Everyman’ Palestinians have experiential knowledge of the unconscionable effects of the Chabad sect’s criminal racism.  It only takes the human soul to suffer it.  ‘Everyman’ Jews have this identical, one soul, the soul that makes us human and nothing less.  Chabad rabbis try to suffocate it under a ‘truly Jewish Supernal soul’, try to kill it with Jewish God’s hate, try to dehumanize us.  With some unpardonable success.

Do Jews have good reason to ban Chabad rabbis from preaching We Jews will not behave like humans because God did not make us human?  We do have good reason.  Immediately 6.6 million lives will not be further damaged and shortened in direct consequence.  These are real normative reasons to censor.  Once that’s done, the Chabad story-tellers can convert God to Judaism.  God will not stand in the way.

End Note: Not Jewish Hatred but Hate in Judaism: Their Language and Ours

Judaism is the religion of the Jews.  Not so. “Religion: belief in superhuman controlling power, esp. in a personal God or gods entitled to obedience and worship” (OED).  “Is this definition of Judaism [as religion] consistent with Judaism’s definition of itself?” Mendel Kalmenson asks rhetorically. He answers, “Judaism is not ‘a religion developed among the ancient Hebrews’.”  Recounting how “an infinite connection was formed between Abraham and an infinite God,” Rabbi Kalmenson concludes, “‘Judaism’ describes an individual’s identity, not his or her performance. (…) Judaism is a birthright, with no need to be acquired.”{22}

If Chabad’s Judaism were an OED-defined religion it would be a religion without belief, faith, ritual, spirituality, knowledge, or even consciousness.  ‘God’ is in Judaism, of course, but ‘Judaism’ told in Chabad-speak, by Jewish God in the form and voices of Chabad rabbis about how theological God became biological, and wants Himself to be known as a human species down here on Earth.  The sect’s founders and guardians i) thought: human reproductions of (or ‘connection’ or identity with) an absolutely hateful God, i.e. Judaism; ii) next thought: Torah, Law, commandments; iii) then wrote, and now produce and direct the drama in real space and time between good vs. evil human species: perpetual war on Earth waged by Jewish God’s living humans in preparation for harmony and true peace.

The Chabad story can be summarized in a diagram.  Unlike our revisable histories of all subject matters in one universe spread on a single timeline (e.g. the physical and biological sciences, national histories, music, warfare, religions …), Chabad’s doctrine is a ‘predestined History’ model spread on double tracks knotted at both ends; Jews upstairs, non-Jews downstairs.  Horizontally, we read the ‘4 + 1 Worlds’ journey across time from God’s first ‘thought’ to the messianic destination.  The vertical axis shows the real world socio-political relationship between the two races across time.  Every Jew in every generation, and only Jews, embodies the 5 Worlds; the spiritual and political inherited features are inseparable.  The two oppositely directed arrows that connect ‘Jewish God’ and ‘holy souls’ illustrate just that, the two-way race-creating ‘connection’.

↙ ↗ holy souls → good character traits   →    world dominion     ↘

Jewish God                                    Noah↓ide  Laws  ↘                  Avodat↓Kochavim         harmony and true peace

↘  sacred soul → evil character traits → submission or extermination ↗

Not visible in the diagram is Chabad’s axiom that ‘holy’ entails God’s origination of Jews in the inscrutable Before Creation era while everybody and everything ‘sacred’ exists only in the Created era.  Every Jew exists in both eras simultaneously: Created as a temporarily living human housing a Before Creation eternal, truly and literal part of God.  Every non-Jew is only a Created era transient.  I leave it to the reader to fit the actual crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution on the two axes.

When I say ‘Jew’ and ‘non-Jew’, do you understand me?  I can’t describe what electricity is or explain the differences between watts, amps and volts.  The relevant scientists know, are able to explain, and agree between and among each other.  I’m implicitly confident they know what I’m ignorantly talking about.  And you, reader, whether or not you know more about it than I do, understand me equally well.

We speak languages of shared word meanings.  What is a Jew?  What is a non-Jew?  You’ve read Chabad’s rabbinical answer.  They communicate in a vernacular of metaphors about pre-existent, infinite Truths that fuel their intransient conviction they truly are the meta-biological, infinite ‘Jew’ destined to transmute and redeem the evil world here below.  When Chabad rabbis say ‘Earth, Water, Fire and Air’ they’re talking about “evil elements” of the physical world.{23}  ‘Sacred’ is bound together with ‘evil’, very anti-Jewish, other than Jewish God created it by His hatred of it.  Knowledge and Wisdom are a non-empirical, non-verifiable inheritance the Jew ‘illuminates’ by Torah study.  ‘Judaism’ is the sexually transmitted Jew/God identity.  ‘Israel’ refers simultaneously to the geopolitical state and its unbreakable bond with the sexually transmitted “identity” of the same name, passed on from Abraham to the present.{24}  In our language, their vernacular expresses a highly unconventional and lethally malignant form of racism— uniquely Jewish racism.  It speaks to and through political leaders, the media, sectarian rabbis, their religious vigilantes, their illegal settlers.  Without knowing this, my essay reads obscurely pedantic and anti-Semitic.  Knowing it, I have strong humanistic and moral reasons to criticize.  And so do you.

Still, I’m not hopeful.  Consider, “Although all humans are created ‘in the image of G-d,’ … the Torah teaches Jews to place Jewish life as the highest priority.  (…)  In Jewish thought, this construct does not serve as merely a theoretical and ethical truth, but as a practical directive.”  The “Jewish thought” (quoted from Maimonides) is “‘The entire world belongs to the Holy One … He gave it to whomever He pleased … Of His own will He took it from them and gave it to us.’”{25}  The “practical directive” motivates Jews, born with ‘eyes upon the land’, to annex and occupy Palestinian territory, etc., etc.

If we could negotiate the literalness of hateful Jewish God out of the Jew —send God to Heaven; make Jews fully human; break the non-Jews = evil equation; and annul the ‘Land for Foreskin’ Pact— the chances for diplomatic settlement would be greatly improved.  Unfortunately, political negotiation doesn’t heal Chabad’s psychopathological Judaism that makes negotiation literally impossible.

Richard Rothschild

August 2021


  1. Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, The Tanya, elucidated by Rabbi Yosef Wineberg,, Chapter 1 for the creation of non-Jews and Jews; more on God inside Jews in Chapt 2 which begins: “The second soul of a Jew is truly a part of God above”, explaining that God did it by “blowing” an “innermost part of Himself” into the Jews’ soul. The Tanya is the foundational text and teaching of the international Chabad sect.  A succinct description of what makes a Jew ‘Jewish’? is in an article under that name (at “The essence of the Jew, as it is rooted in the essence of God, is indeed one with its Source.  But then it ‘descends’ to become part of the created existence, assuming a distinct identity as a soul and then as a human being.”  And here’s a riddle of a kind that runs through Chabad dogma that undermines rationality: How is it possible that God thought ‘Jews’ before He thought Torah before He had created Time, the dimension that makes ‘before’ possible?
  2. The Tanya, Essay 1 for info on the hierarchy of four spiritual Worlds, from Atzilut down to Asiyah which corresponds to physical Earth. There’s also info on Supernal Man, Supernal Wisdom, and how a Jew illuminates his innate “connection” with God by Torah study.  What Makes a Jew ‘Jewish’? similarly explains why “Jews defy all conventional definitions of a ‘people’ or ‘nation’.”
  3. From the non-Jews’ soul stem “anger, pride, appetite for pleasure, frivolity, boasting, sloth and melancholy” (Tanya 1). The corresponding Jews’ first soul delivers “kindness, strength, beauty, victory, splendor, foundation and kingship.” The uniquely Jewish second soul issues “wisdom, understanding and knowledge,” the “intellective” sefirot that complement Jews’ seven “emotive” traits, and connect Jews to God’s Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge (Nisson Dovid Dubov, The Sefirot, I use these inherited, immutable differences as the criteria of ‘race’.
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  20. For example, Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories since 1947, A/75/ 532, (Oct. 22, 2020), (Para. 54) “The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has determined that the human rights violations emanating from the settlements include land confiscation and alienation, settler violence, discriminatory planning laws, appropriation of natural resources, home demolitions, forcible population transfer, labour exploitation, forced evictions and displacement, physical confinement, discriminatory law enforcement and the imposition of a two-tiered system of unequal political, social and economic rights… Above all, the settlements serve the broader goal of the Israeli government of staking an impermissible sovereignty claim…while simultaneously denying Palestinians self-determination.” (This broader goal is embedded in Israel-the Nation-State of the Jewish People, a basic law adopted by the Knesset in 2018.  “The right to exercise national self-determination is unique to the Jewish people” is its third basic principle.  Its first is “The land of Israel is the historical home of the Jewish people, in which the State of Israel was established,” with the implication of no established national borders.) In reference to Gaza (Section C of the Commission Report), “The Israeli-imposed land, sea and air blockade has now entered its fourteenth year… As a result, Gaza’s two million residents, including around one million children, continue to endure a grave and worsening humanitarian crisis at multiple levels.”
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The thoughts and opinions expressed in the text are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Palestinian and Jewish Unity.