End of Occupation » No 1107

Israel will destroy itself, says former Israeli minister

One of “Israel’s” own says it is heading toward the abyss and accuses the political circle in “Israel” of considering its narrow interests only.

Today, Saturday, April 30, the former Minister of Internal Security of the Israeli occupation, Avigdor Kahalani, stressed that he fears the fate of “Israel” after one generation, adding that “internal problems will destroy it.”

Kahalani said in a cultural seminar with journalist Roi Katz in occupied Bir Sabe’ that “Israel” is not prepared for what is to come, and in ten years, the situation will be worse.

He mentioned that the guns aimed at Iran must first be directed to the inside; i.e. at “Israel” because today it is deteriorating, expecting pedestrians to start holding guns, according to the former Minister. (more…)

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