Month: May 2021

  • End of Occupation » No 1059

    For many Indigenous people, memories of Oka are driving solidarity with Palestinians Drew Hayden Taylor Imagine a small chunk of land, deemed important, is engulfed by conflict between two opposing sides with different belief structures and cultures. Both are certain this parcel of land belongs specifically to them or should belong specifically to them. And they are […]

  • End of Occupation » No 1058

    The path to peace in Israel-Palestine is through decolonisation Only the formation of a single decolonized state encompassing the entire territory of historical Palestine can put an end to Israel’s colonial ambitions. 17 Feb 2021   Mark Muhannad Ayyash Associate Professor of Sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada. On January 26, Israeli Prime Minister […]

  • The Trudeau government’s statement on Palestine: redundant and irrelevant

    PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) Press Release for immediate publication Montreal, May 18th, 2021 Once again, the Trudeau government has issued its stock response to the violence in the Middle East, one which is full of the usual contradictions. The statement, which follows a meeting by the members of the UN Security Council, states:” “Canada […]

  • End of Occupation » No 1057

     Message of support from the World March of Women, North Africa and Middle East regions, to the Palestinian People  In Jerusalem, Lod and Gaza, the fascist zionist state is today committing new crimes and massacres. This zionist state is arming the zionist settlers to continue the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, begun in 1920 by several […]