End of Occupation » No 1059

For many Indigenous people, memories of Oka are driving solidarity with Palestinians

Drew Hayden Taylor

Imagine a small chunk of land, deemed important, is engulfed by conflict between two opposing sides with different belief structures and cultures. Both are certain this parcel of land belongs specifically to them or should belong specifically to them. And they are willing to fight for it.

One group of people is small in numbers, determined, underrepresented, poorly armed, defending what they think is theirs, willing to die for that land (but hopefully not). Their opponents are a much larger nation, well-armed with state-of-the-art methods of violence, lashing out at those they believe are terrorists but lacking in public support. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1058

The path to peace in Israel-Palestine is through decolonisation

Only the formation of a single decolonized state encompassing the entire territory of historical Palestine can put an end to Israel’s colonial ambitions.

17 Feb 2021   Mark Muhannad Ayyash

Associate Professor of Sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada.

On January 26, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted on his Twitter account a Likud election video in which a map of the entire territory of historical Palestine appears under the words “one state”.

This was not the first time that a prominent Israeli politician has publicly expressed his dedication to the vision of Greater Israel – a Jewish nation state that is sovereign over all lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, including Palestinian territories. In fact, such declarations are so common in Israeli election campaigns that Netanyahu’s tweet barely generated any serious discussion in the international arena.

But international observers did not remain silent about Netanyahu’s latest ode to “Greater Israel” simply because they viewed it as electoral bluster meant to drive votes towards the Likud. They ignored the tweet because they have long been aware that Israel wants to expand its sovereignty over all the land. (more…)

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The Trudeau government’s statement on Palestine: redundant and irrelevant

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PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity)

Press Release for immediate publication

Montreal, May 18th, 2021

Once again, the Trudeau government has issued its stock response to the violence in the Middle East, one which is full of the usual contradictions. The statement, which follows a meeting by the members of the UN Security Council, states:” “Canada reiterates the fundamental importance of protecting journalists and press freedom. Journalists and media workers are the cornerstone of any fair, strong and vibrant society and must be free to do their work without fear.”

The statement carefully avoids any mention of the fact that Israel deliberately destroyed the building housing Al Jazeera and Associated Press offices and journalists so as to diminish coverage of what amounts to its current war crimes to go along with a long list of other war crimes committed against the Palestinian people. The building also housed some 6o Palestinian families who are now homeless and were give one hours to collect whatever belongings they could carry with them before the building was destroyed. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1057

 Message of support from the World March of Women, North Africa and Middle East regions, to the Palestinian People

 In Jerusalem, Lod and Gaza, the fascist zionist state is today committing new crimes and massacres. This zionist state is arming the zionist settlers to continue the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, begun in 1920 by several zionist militias.

 Since the illegal invasion and annexation of Jerusalem by the zionist state in 1967 – acts condemned by all international bodies – the Palestinian people, the owners of the land, have resisted the displacement and deportation of families. Hundreds of Palestinian families in Jerusalem, especially in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, witnessed the destruction of their homes by the colonial army or the threat of or the threat of eviction. On May 7, Israeli settlers soldiers invaded Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, sealed it off, expelled its inhabitants and handed it over to and handed it over to legions of settlers who organize attacks against the inhabitants.

At the same time, the Israeli army and the Jewish fascist fanatics – represented in the Israeli parliament by Netanyahu and the fascist Lahava party, among others – are multiplying their attacks on the Palestinian people in the city. Armed zionist gangs shout “Death to the Arabs”, preventing entry into Jerusalem’s Old City and holy sites during Ramadan, and calling for the murder of Palestinians. (more…)

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