End of Occupation » No 1050

Israel prefers to throw away its surplus covid vaccines, rather than giving them to Palestinians

While hospitals in the West Bank are at more than 110% of their capacity and 216,000 cases of covid, as well as 2,343 deaths (according to the WHO report published in early March) have been recorded since the start of the epidemic, which translates to a 38% increase in contaminations and 61% in deaths, Israel refuses to give the Palestinians its surplus vaccine doses.

In a scathing article, the Israeli daily Haaretz recently revealed that “hundreds of doses are thrown in the trash every day” in Israel, due to Israelis not showing up for the vaccine. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1049

Israel Is Recreating the Nakba, Without Putting Palestinians on Trucks

Ilana Hammerman

They’re closing in from all sides: the Jewish settlements on the Arab towns. Ariel, Revava, Kiryat Netafim, Barkan, Bruchin, Alei Zahav, Leshem, Yakir, Peduel, and Beit Arieh are spreading, approaching, and suffocating with fences and roads sown with roadblocks the city of Salfit and the towns of Kifl Haris, Haris, Brukin, Kfar al-Dik, Deir Balut and Deir Istiya. The vast municipal areas of the Jewish settlements, which were intended for their expansion, touch the Arab towns’ orchards and reach their houses. Some let their sewage flow into the villages, some have taken over springs and residents’ reservoirs and turned them into wading pools. Some sic their teenagers on farmers, to cut down and uproot their trees, to threaten, intimidate and destroy.

Israeli soldiers are aggressively doing the same. Bulldozers escorted by soldiers recently uprooted thousands of olive trees in Deir Balut and hundreds in Haris, and eviction orders are pending. One is for a resident of Kafr Hairs who owns a grove, who I met a few days ago accompanied by three other Jewish Israelis, one man and two women, activists from the Israeli group “dharma socially engaged.” (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1048

ICC launches Palestine war crimes probe

By Maureen Clare Murphy

The International Criminal Court has opened a formal investigation into war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda confirmed on Wednesday.Bensouda’s announcement was welcomed as “a historic day in the decades-long Palestinian campaign for international justice and accountability” by Palestinian human rights groups leading those efforts.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will likely be subjected to ICC scrutiny, branded the investigation as “the essence of anti-Semitism.” The ICC’s announcement of an investigation came less than a month after a panel of judges confirmed that the court’s territorial jurisdiction extends to the Palestinian territories under Israeli military occupation. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1047

Israel moving to protect hundreds of personnel against ICC probe

By Dan Williams

KEREM SHALOM, Israel (Reuters) – Israel estimates that hundreds of its citizens might be subject to war crimes probes by the International Criminal Court, whose jurisdiction it rejects, and is working on how to protect them, the Defence Minister said on Tuesday.

Including himself among Israelis who could be threatened with arrest, Benny Gantz told Reuters: “I was never afraid to go across enemy lines, I will continue to stand wherever I have to.” (more…)

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