End of Occupation » No 1046

Justin Trudeau buys drones “tested” on Palestinians

By Ali Abunimah

Canada has an anti-Palestinian record second to none. But recent moves suggest the government of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is escalating its enmity towards the Palestinian people. There was Trudeau’s decision in November to appoint Irwin Cotler, a prominent Israel lobbyist, as special envoy on anti-Semitism.

Cotler is tasked with implementing the so-called IHRA definition of anti-Semitism – a document promoted by Israel and its lobby as a tool to censor and smear supporters of Palestinian rights by falsely tarring them as anti-Jewish bigots. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1045

The Plan to Make UNRWA and the Palestine Refugee Disappear


A report that the United Arab Emirates is secretly colluding with Israel on a plan to eradicate the United Nations agency that cares for Palestinian refugees—in a move that could prevent those refugees ever returning home—should be taken seriously.

According to the late December report in the French daily Le Monde, Emirati officials are considering “a plan of action aimed at making UNRWA progressively disappear, without conditioning this on any resolution of the [Palestinian] refugee problem.” The UAE’s foreign minister did not respond to Le Monde’s request for comment on the matter. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1044

In first test of Biden’s stance on Israel – president rolls over


As you know the International Criminal Court ruled Friday that it has jurisdiction to undertake an investigation of war crimes in occupied Palestinian territories, including Israeli settlements and its slaughter of civilians in Gaza. The decision has big symbolic resonance, and there’s been a lot of response. I wanted to round up some of the usual suspects.

The State Department began Friday by issuing a neutral legal statement opposing the ICC’s jurisdiction (responding to AP reporter Matt Lee’s opening question). “We have serious concerns about the ICC’s attempts to exercise its jurisdiction over Israeli personnel…. [T]he court’s jurisdiction should be reserved for countries that consent to it or that are referred by the UN Security Council.” (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1043

How Do You  Say Klu Klux Klan in Hebrew?

By Michael Sfard

The Jewish militias generally attack at night. In the grand tradition of racist pogroms, when night falls, gangs of masked settlers descend on the roads and villages of the West Bank in search of the boys and girls of the despised race. Their members block roads to perform “selections” and identify cars with Palestinian license plates so they can attack the passengers. They storm homes, shatter windows and set fires.

This has been going on every night for more than a month, because the friends of Ahuvia Sandak – a so-called hilltop youth who was regrettably killed while being pursued by the Israel Police – decided that the Palestinians must pay for his death. The human rights organization Yesh Din (for which I am legal adviser) has so far documented 47 different nighttime attacks in recent weeks that have caused considerable property damage and injured at least 14 people. Hundreds of rioters, few arrests. Recently an 11-year-old girl was wounded in the head in her village, Madama, and rocks were thrown at the face of a 5-year-old boy on Highway 60. (more…)

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