« End of Occupation » No 1029

What a Surprise – Even a Proud Liberal Zionist Scion Can Be a Racist

By Gideon Levy

Unlike most Israelis or perhaps all Israelis, I, to my great shame, had never heard of lawmaker Michal Cotler-Wunsh. I learned that she is an expert on international law and was a research fellow at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism, a board member of national reconciliation organization Tzav Pius, active in the Manhigut Acheret NGO, ran for Knesset on the Kahol Lavan ticket, switched from Telem to the Israel Resilience Party – which is apparently the southern branch of Kahol Lavan or the political arm of Derech Eretz, it’s hard to tell.

Her stepfather is Prof. Irwin Cotler, the renowned former justice minister of Canada and liberal jurist, who is considered a great advocate of human rights despite his strong support for Zionism. Professor Cotler is an activist against racism and against war crimes but never saw any connection between this and his support for Israel. Neither father nor daughter apparently see any contradiction between human rights and occupation, or between racism and Zionism, between apartheid and Israel. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1028

Israel is criticized for recruiting on Canadian soil for its army

By Marie Vastel

Parliamentary Correspondant

A group of citizens are calling on Ottawa to intervene to stop what it alleges is the illegal recruitment of soldiers in Canada for the IDF. In a letter addressed to the Minister of Justice, David Lametti, and of which Le Devoir has obtained a copy, this more than one hundred signatories accuse the Israeli consulate in Toronto of acting as a “facilitator of this recruitment” and demands that its employees be prosecuted by Canadian justice.

University professors, authors, union representatives, private citizens and Palestinian rights activists argue that by issuing invitations to meet with representatives of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli Consulate in Toronto conducts recruiting for Israel’s army. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1027

‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’: an open letter to Justin Trudeau regarding Palestine

How can Justin Trudeau recognize the “devastating legacy” of the colonization of Canada and continue to be a Zionist?

By Dyala Hamza

Whether it is your bias in favor of Israel that recently cost you your seat on the UN Security Council, it is a fact that in the space of five years you have voted “no” 50 times to UN resolutions in favor of Palestine. Of the 166 “no” votes by Canada since 2000 this represents an embarrassing average. Neither the protests of Marc-André Blanchard, nor the denials of Bob Rae, your successive ambassadors to the UN, have been able to diminish the echo of your campaign slogan, as reckless as it is boastful: “Canada is back.”

No, Canada is not back, nor can it be, as long as you sacrifice the rule-of-law, in its various applications, on the altar of the United States. Canada is not, and will not be, back as long as you evade a critical examination of your authoritarian allegiance to Zionism – an allegiance that admits of no opposition from your own government. Far from the clamor of Zionist pressure groups and the blinders of Israeli propaganda, please do see and hear what otherwise looks you in the eye and bursts your eardrums. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1026

The anti-Semitic trope of Jews as thieves. Uttered by a neo-Nazi or white supremacist two months after the founding of Israel? No, it was put forth by Israel’s first Prime Mnister, David Ben-Gurion in response to wide-spread looting of Palestinian Arab property in the wake of the Nakba.

Gideon Levy, one of Israel’s foremost journalists and contributor to Haaretz, has once again written an article which states in stark terms the inconvenient truth of the open and random pillaging of Arab homes and possessions. Coming on the heels of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, Levy’s article hits with a devastating impact that blows away the Zionist pretension of an innocent, blameless Israel in its nascent stage. There is much to atone for.

This is certainly one of the most important articles which PAJU has included in its twenty years of weekly news items dating back to February of 2001. What is more, it is only in Israeli media where the stark truth of the onslaught against Palestinians in 1948 could be published. Given the anti-Palestinian and entirely pro-Israel bias of Canadian media (and Western media, in general), Gideon Levy’s article could never be published in Canada. Moreover, Gideon Levy could not practice his journalism in Canada; he would be ‘sacked’ for insisting too ardently on stating the truth.

Click first on the link directly below highlighting Canadian media bias against the Palestinians and then go on to read Gideon Levy’s article.

Uncovering Canadian Media’s Devastating Pro-Israel Bias: 

The bias is enforced at every level of the media, from editorial boards all the way to ownership.


Even Ben-Gurion Thought ‘Most Jews Are Thieves’

By Gideon Levy

The quote in the headline wasn’t uttered by an antisemitic leader, a Jew hater or a neo-Nazi. The words are those of the founder of the State of Israel, two months after it was founded. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion was furious, or at least pretended to be, at a meeting of his political party Mapai, in light of the wave of looting of Arab property by the new Israelis throughout the nascent state. (more…)

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