Month: June 2020

  • « End of Occupation » No 1011

    Inspired by US protests, Ethiopian-born Israeli ministers battle against police brutality By Danny Zaken June 18, 2020 The May 25 killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and the protests that followed reminded many in Israel of similar cases right here in the Middle East. The most prominent ot these in Israel was the killing […]

  • « End of Occupation » No 1010

    How Canadian MPs in the Canada-Israel Inter-Parliamentary group are at the table of apartheid By Bruce Katz June 11, 2020 The characteristics of Israel’s colonial domination of the subjugated Palestinian population are already widely acknowledged as constituting apartheid. When the government of Israel passed the “Jewish Nation-State law”, Israel officially endorsed apartheid, in flagrant violation […]

  • « End of Occupation » No 1009

    It might interest you to know that numerous police forces in the United States (and Canada) are involved in special training sessions in Israel. In effect, the Minnesota police force, of which four members were involved in the murder of George Floyd, received training in Israel. (See the link to the news report Minnesota cops […]

  • Time to Investigate Crimes in Palestine, Time for Justice

    Joint Open Letter to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Re: Over 180 Palestinian, Regional, and International Human Rights Coalitions, Organisations, and IndividualsCall on the International Criminal Court: Time to Investigate Crimes in Palestine, Time for Justice 29 April 2020 Your Excellency Fatou Bensouda, On 20 December 2019, following almost five years of preliminary examination, the Prosecutor […]