« End of Occupation » No 990

As Descendant of Auschwitz Victims, I’ve No Interest in the Yad Vashem Laundromat

By Eitay Mack

Yad Vashem will be holding an event on Thursday to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp. The list of those invited who have confirmed their attendance – heads of state and senior representatives of most European countries, Canada, Australia, the United States and even representatives of European royal families – is the fulfillment of Viktor Orban and Jair Bolsonaro’s racist dream of a world that is white and based on Judeo-Christian identity. It is not by happenstance that there won’t be a single participant from Latin America, Africa or East Asia at the conference. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 989

The final nail in the coffin of the Zionist left

By Orly Noy January 13, 2020

It’s difficult to hide a smile when considering the irony that Meretz, once the crown jewel of the “righteous” Zionist left, was last week swallowed whole by the Labor Party, now headed by two Mizrahi Israelis. Meretz, which found itself dangerously close to the election threshold, pulled out all the stops in trying to convince Labor head Amir Peretz, who previously refused the merger, to unite the two parties in a joint slate in the run-up to the upcoming elections on March 2. On Sunday, it appeared Peretz had given in to the pressure put on him by large swaths of the Zionist left. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 988

Israel is systematically poisoning one million Palestinian children

We have now entered 2020, the year in which experts at the United Nations (UN) once predicted Gaza would become unlivable. But the sad reality is not only that those same experts said that Gaza was already unlivable in 2017, but that now the population of 2 million residing in Gaza are under the real threat of genocide.

Sara Roy of Harvard University’s Centre for Middle Eastern studies, who is considered the leading scholar on Gaza’s economy, has written that “innocent human beings, most of them young, are slowly being poisoned in Gaza by the water they drink and likely by the soil in which they plant.” So let us break down that statement, based upon the data available to us. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 987

50 Palestinian protesters have been blinded by shots to the eye at Gaza fence protests
PAJU note: Israeli snipers- representing the “only democracy in the Middle East” – have been shooting down Palestinian protesters peacefully demonstrating every Friday against Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza for months now. There have been hundreds of casualties.  The blockade has been going on for nearly twelve years. Now it has been revealed that Israeli snipers are targeting the eyes of the Palestinian protesters (see the text below).
It has also been revealed that the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) planned to form a group of snipers to shoot down Indigenous demonstrators protesting against the proposed construction of a pipeline on their territory. (See the link to the article below). One wonders if the RCMP has taken its inspiration from Israeli snipers, or if the RCMP trains with the Israelis.

Media coverage and social media posts went wild when Palestinian photojournalist Muath Amarneh was blinded in his left eye after he was hit by a rubber bullet while covering a protest in the West Bank. However, Amarneh was far from unique; Israeli snipers targeting participants in Gaza’s weekly Great Return March protests have aimed for the legs – and eyes. (more…)

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