Month: October 2019

  • « End of Occupation » No 976

    Palestinian woman on hunger strike against Israeli imprisonment and abuse Palestinian prisoner, Heba Al-Labadi is on a hunger strike after being sentenced to administrative detention for five months without charge or trial on August 20, 2019. She was interrogated by the Shin Bet for over a month… By Amira Hass, reposted from Haaretz A young […]

  • « End of Occupation » No 975

    Gideon Levy: A Quiet, Cruel Population Transfer in South Hebron Hills Demolition of Palestinian homes – last week’s excuse was to create Israeli “nature reserves,” this week a “firing zone” – causes now-homeless Mahmoud Hamamdi to ask, “Who is the terrorist: the one who builds a house or the one who demolishes a house?” by […]

  • « End of Occupation » No 974

    Let’s protest at The Hague so that Israel’s crimes can finally be judged by the ICC! The Attorney General of the ICC (International Criminal Court based at The Hague), Fatou Bensouda, refuses to handle the complaints filed against Israeli crimes, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Recently, the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court […]

  • « End of Occupation » No 973

    Media rules explained: Mention Israeli slaughter and Palestinian children in same breath, kiss your career goodbye Donald Johnson It turns out that with just two words that seemingly refer to the actual crimes of two people you can reconstruct the entire history of European antisemitism. The educated man who demonstrated the use of this decompression […]