Month: June 2019

  • « End of Occupation » No 959

    How could Palestinians beat Trump’s deal?  They need a new strategy  Part  2 The economic side of the plan is due to be discussed at a special workshop in Bahrain scheduled for June 25-26, which Arab finance ministers, investors and businessmen are expected to attend. The Palestinian leadership has made it clear that they are […]

  • Palestine is NOT for sale!!

    While world leaders, headed by the Tump administration will be meeting in Bahrain on the 25th of June 2019 to liquidate Palestine, we will demonstrate and march in the streets to say loud and clear that Palestine is NOT for sale!!

  • « End of Occupation » No 958

    How could Palestinians beat Trump’s deal?  They need a new strategy. Part 1 If ever there was a time for Palestinians to implement a strategy to counter the deadliest threat to their cause, it is now. US President Donald Trump‘s “deal of the century” is the latest in a series of failed peace proposals over […]

  • « End of Occupation » No 957

    Gaza’s youth stare into the abyss For the past year, young people on crutches have become a common sight on the streets of Gaza City. And Mahmoud Abu Zer is one of them. He sits on his bed in a sparsely furnished room in the crowded neighborhood of Al Nafaq and can barely move. Metal […]