End of Occupation No 933

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Amos Gvirtz

Sheikh Sayakh is about to be imprisoned for ten months, having been sentenced for trespassing and entering public property in violation of the law on state lands. And here, this criminal wins the support of human rights and co-existence activists. Naturally one asks why we support a person whom an Israeli court regards as a criminal deserving of a ten-month prison sentence and a fine of tens of thousands of shekels. (more…)

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End of Occupation No 932

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Georges Ibrahim Abdallah  is a Lebanese revolutionary who has been imprisoned for 34 years in France. He is now incarcerated in Lannemezan prison. His security sentence was completed in 1999.

This Lebanese national, from a Christian family, originally from Kobayat in northern Lebanon, is now 67 years old. Co-founder in 1979 of the “Lebanese Revolutionary Armed Fractions”, a small anti-imperialist Marxist group, who claimed the execution of an American military attache, Charles Ray, in Paris, and of an Israeli diplomat Yacov Barsimentov in Boulogne-Billancourt while Lebanon was invaded by the Israeli army, he was arrested in Lyon on 24 October 1984 and sentenced to life in 1987. (more…)

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End of Occupation No 931

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Knesset approves 200 communities where Arabs are banned

200 communities for Jews only from which Arabs are banned!  But we must not call it “APARTHEID”!  We do not want to shock those delicate sensibilities that insist that “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”!

The legislation committee at the Israeli Knesset yesterday approved 200 extra communities where non-Jewish inhabitants can be banned, Arab48 reported. (more…)

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