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Nelson Mandela’s grandson slams ‘Israeli apartheid’

by Gavin O’Toole

7 Jul 2019

Zwelivelile Mandela says Israeli apartheid is the worst form of apartheid ever witnessed.

The grandson of anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela has delivered a damning condemnation of “Israeli apartheid”, in a high-profile expression of solidarity between South Africans and Palestinians.

Zwelivelile Mandela, an MP of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), made the comments on Saturday at the Palestine Expo, an annual event in London aimed at showcasing Palestinian history, heritage and culture. Last year, it attracted 15,000 visitors. (more…)

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Book Review: Israel A Beachhead in the Middle East

Israel A Beachhead in the Middle East

Stephen Gowans.  Israel, A Beachhead In The Middle East: From European Colony to US Power Projection Platform. Montreal: Baraka Books, 2019. 290 pages.

Reviewed by Bruce Katz

Following the Armistice which marked the end of the First World War, British Prime Minister Lloyd-George and French President Clémenceau held a private meeting during which Clémenceau asked Lloyd-George: ‘What does Great Britain want?’ The answer came swiftly:

Mossul.’ (more…)

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How could Palestinians beat Trump’s deal? They need a new strategy. Part 3

They need a new strategy. Mounting popular support for the Palestine cause, like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, is encouraging, but will take too long to become effective. Meanwhile, Israel’s drive to annex most of the West Bank and build more settlements, and its campaign of slow Palestinian ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the other occupied territories will continue apace. To counter this, what Palestinians need is a strategy that keeps them on their land, stops their cause from being further eroded by “peace” concessions, and can pave potentially the way for the return of the refugees. (more…)

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How could Palestinians beat Trump’s deal?  They need a new strategy  Part  2

The economic side of the plan is due to be discussed at a special workshop in Bahrain scheduled for June 25-26, which Arab finance ministers, investors and businessmen are expected to attend. The Palestinian leadership has made it clear that they are boycotting the event, with President Mahmoud Abbas saying recently the deal “will go to hell”. According to a recent poll conducted by the Palestinian Centre of Policy and Survey Research, 80 percent of Palestinians also rejected the deal. (more…)

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