End of Occupation » No 1091

This was the deadliest year for Palestinian children since 2014

Instead of holding perpetrators accountable, Israel is criminalizing the work that organizations like mine are doing to protect Palestinian children’s rights.

By Khaled Quzmar December 14, 2021

This year was unlike any other I can remember from my decades of defending Palestinian children’s rights. Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip in May, amidst a mass youth-led uprising across historic Palestine, sparked an outcry around the world, with more people than ever demanding Israel be held accountable for its violence toward Palestinians and calling for an end to its apartheid regime. It felt like our movement for justice, accountability, and liberation was finally in the world’s spotlight.

And yet, that attention has not resulted in any meaningful change for Palestinian children living under Israeli military occupation. In fact, 2021 has been the deadliest year for Palestinian children since 2014, a year which included Israel’s devastating military assault in the Gaza Strip codenamed “Operation Protective Edge.” (more…)

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PAJU calls for the release of hunger striker Hisham Abou Hawash

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Press release

Montreal, January 3rd, 2022

One of the pillars of Israel’s brutal apartheid system is that of administrative detention. Under this system, Israel can arrest any Palestinian at any time and incarcerate them without formal evidence or charges, and without due process. Administrative detention can be renewed indefinitely every six months without recourse to appeal. Therefore, Palestinians can be imprisoned for years without charge and without trial. This system of arbitrary administrative detention was introduced by Britain during its mandate and subsequently applied by Israel’s apartheid regime.

Hisham Abu Hawash, a victim of administrative detention like hundreds of other Palestinians, a Palestinian hunger striker imprisoned by the apartheid regime in Israel, is on his 138th day of a hunger strike. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1090

After taking the check for one hundred million dollars from Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Mahmoud Abbas went to see Benny Gantz

December 29th, 2021

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with the Israeli defense minister on Tuesday to discuss “security and the economy,” several Israeli press headlines reported. The interview took place at Benny Gantz’s residence in central Israel. The senior Israeli official has officially confirmed that he has met the leader of the Palestinian Authority.

“I met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas this evening (Tuesday). We discussed the implementation of economic and civil measures, and the importance of strengthening our security coordination (…) ”, wrote on Twitter Benny Gantz, shortly after the announcement by his ministry of a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas.

On the Palestinian side, the Minister of Civil Affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh, a close friend of Mahmoud Abbas, indicated on Twitter that this meeting had focused on “security, economic and humanitarian” issues, on “tensions” linked to the activities of the settlers Israelis in the occupied West Bank and on “the importance of creating a political horizon” to achieve a “solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (more…)

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End of Occupation » No 1089

 The construction of Israel’s Gaza concentration camp is complete

Par Haidar Eid

Israel announced the completion of an underground wall and maritime barrier surrounding the besieged Gaza Strip. Not a single mainstream media outlet used the term “concentration camp” to report on it but they should have.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a concentration camp as “a place where large numbers of people (such as prisoners of war, political prisoners, refugees, or the members of an ethnic or religious minority) are detained or confined under armed guard —used especially in reference to camps created by the Nazis in World War II for the internment and persecution of Jews and other prisoners.”

And a death camp is “a concentration camp in which large numbers of prisoners are systematically killed!”

The Gaza Strip, occupied and besieged by apartheid Israel, has been transformed into both; the difference is that it is larger than all known concentration and death camps created by the bigoted Western regimes in the 20th Century. Israel’s decision to redeploy its troops around the densely populated coastal strip in 2005, and then impose an unprecedented, medieval siege in 2006 that has shattered all spheres of life, and then carry out four massive attacks that have killed more than four thousand civilians, including women and children, does not seem to be enough for the ruling Zionist elites of the rogue state.  (more…)

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