« End of Occupation » No 1017

Israel arrests BDS coordinator in night raid

Ali Abunimah  30 July 2020

Israeli occupation forces detained the general coordinator of the BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions – movement in a night raid early Thursday.

At around 3:30 am dozens of Israeli soldiers, accompanied by at least one dog, stormed the home of Mahmoud Nawajaa near Ramallah, “handcuffing, blindfolding and taking him away from his wife and three young children,” the BDS National Committee (BNC) said. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1016

Coronavirus: Israeli Army destroys Palestinian Screening Center

Israel’s occupation soldiers deliberately destroyed a Covid-19 screening station set up by the Palestinian Health Ministry at the entrance to the West Bank city of Jenin on Monday morning, Wafa news agency reported.

The epidemic has so far been very largely contained in the occupied Palestinian territories, thanks to strict control and containment measures, which is fortunate, as the Palestinian health system has very little means to take care of a large number of patients. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1015

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Canada’s Nazi Monuments

Why does Canada have not one but several memorials to Nazi collaborators? And why, when statues are toppling all over the world, have Canadian Jewish groups remained silent?

By Lev Golinkin

“Graffiti on monument commemorating Nazi SS division being investigated as a hate crime by police.” Ordinarily, you’d assume a headline about Nazis as victims came from The Onion (and indeed, they’ve been prescient on this). But it’s 2020; we’re well down the rabbit hole of the American president who calls neo-Nazis “good people,” and this all-too-real article is from the Ottawa Citizen, a major Canadian newspaper. Indeed, the news that Canada has a monument commemorating Third Reich soldiers is just the outer layer of a nesting doll of progressively shocking facts. (more…)

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« End of Occupation » No 1014

The article PAJU has chosen to share this week, written by Larry Haiven, is possibly the longest article we have published in the twenty years of PAJU’s existence. It is also one of the most important articles we have shared. ‘Cancel Culture’ is a clear and unequivocal look at the manner in which the pro-Israel lobby in Canada uses threats and intimidation to get various venues to cancel any and all events critical of Israel’s reprehensible policies toward the beleaguered and subjugated Palestinian population. What is more, there is every likelihood that similar tactics are employed in every country where the Israel lobby exists.

The mechanics of ‘cancel culture’ such as fashioned by the Israel lobby and its use of the false notion of anti-Semitism as put forth via the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism are displayed with a candor which immediately makes Mr. Haiven’s article one which must be shared widely. We encourage readers to share the article with others, especially on their own lists. Moreover, if you are on Facebook or Twitter, please share the reference to Larry Haiven’s article.

PAJU extends its thanks to Larry Haiven for his permission to reprint his article. We have also translated the article to French.

‘Cancel culture’ and the Israel lobby

More than two dozen recent examples of the Canadian pro-Israel lobby’s cancel culture playbook in action

By Larry Haiven

When Sportsnet fired Canadian hockey and media personality Don Cherry in November 2019 for his bigoted remarks on Coach’s Corner, we heard the usual right-wing complaint chorus about the suppression of free speech by the liberal left.

A favored method of censorship nowadays is said to be “de-platforming,” or denying those you disagree with a platform to speak. This is also called “cancel culture.” Most recently, a group of around 150 prominent intellectuals signed a “Letter on Justice and Open Debate” in Harper‘s magazine, setting off a firestorm of debate about the limits of free speech on the left. (more…)

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