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End the occcupation !

Every friday, silent vigil in protest against the occupation.


Time: Noon - 1 pm

Place:Vigil every Fridays, from noon to 1 h__

529 Jarry East, Montreal, Quebec H2P 1V4

[562 resources in this category]

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 850, May 26 2017: Inquest demanded on the death of Palestinians children (extrajudicial killings or errors ?)

Jasem Nakhleh died two days after his sixteenth birthday in an Israeli hospital after Israeli forces shot him outside Bet El settlement, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, on March 23. Ramallah, April 11, 2017Israeli forces shot Jasem Nakhleh during unclear circumstances near a military watchtower installed next to the illegally constructed Bet El settlement, which directly faces the central West Bank neighborhood of Al-Jalazun refugee camp.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 849, May19 2017: Palestinian child detainees

Ramallah, April 17, 2017—Israeli authorities held increasing numbers of Palestinian children in solitary confinement for longer periods in 2016, for interrogation purposes. Defense for Children International - Palestine collected affidavits from 161 West Bank children detained by Israeli forces and prosecuted under the jurisdiction of Israeli military courts during 2016. Of these children, 25 were held in solitary confinement for interrogation purposes for an average period of 16 days, a 23 percent increase over the previous year.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 848, May12 2017: Israeli Doctors With A Nazi Mentality?

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails spoke of physical and psychological torture they were subjected to inside Israeli jails at the hands of Israeli doctors, who were supposed to treat them, during their arrest and interrogation. By doing do, these doctors acted like Nazis, serving the goals of the Israeli occupation against Palestinian prisoners. In a report obtained by the PIC on Saturday, March 4, 2017, the prisoners and ex-prisoners commission said the Israeli prison service’s doctors, and Israeli doctors working for security forces and those working inside the Israeli army camps, torture Palestinian prisoners by psychologically pressuring and neglecting them, and leaving them alone to face illness invading their bodies, with no regard to the manner and teachings of medicine, and the international and humanitarian laws in this regard.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 847, May 5, 2017: An Israeli soldier shot a Palestinian mother in front of her kids. Where’s her compensation?

A mother of 10 has been incapacitated since Israeli soldiers shot her 13 years ago, as she stood in her living room. Neither she nor any of thousands of other noncombatants hurt by the army is eligible for compensation. For three months, Dia Mansur was certain his mother was dead. He was 15 years old when he saw her collapse in the living room of their home, felled by a bullet fired by a Israel Defense Forces soldier that sliced into her face, tearing it apart.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 846, April 28, 2017: More Than A Thousand Palestinians On A Hunger Strike In Israeli Prisons

Responding to the call of Marwan Barghouti, the jailed Fatah leader of the West Bank, they intend to protest against the "ill-treatment" inflicted by the prison administration.

At the call of Marwan Barghouti, the Fatah leader in the West Bank, sentenced by Israeli justice to five life sentences, Palestinian prisoners held in the Jewish state began a hunger strike on Sunday. According to the Israeli Prison Service (Shabas), 1,187 of the 6,200 "terrorists with blood on their hands" affiliated with Fatah and Hamas are participating in the movement. Issa Karakeh, who is in charge of the Palestinian Authority (PA) prisoners' file, says the number would be 1,300. The Palestinian NGO, which looks after the families of prisoners, estimates it at 1,600.

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