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End the occcupation !

Every friday, silent vigil in protest against the occupation.


Time: Noon - 1 pm

Place:corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College (metro Mcgill).

[432 resources in this category]

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 722, December 12, 2014: The Israeli Government Adopts the Principle of a Jewish Nation-State

Israel is about to become the nation-state of the Jewish people. The government of Benjamin Netanyahu approved Sunday, November 23 a bill establishing this new legal status.
 But for its opponents, this initiative weakens the democratic foundations of the country and in particular the rights of its Arab minority. Members of Israel's Arab minority have termed this project a racist law, noting that the text makes Hebrew the only official language of Israel and reduces Arabic to a "special status".
 For their part, the Palestinians rejected Netanyahu's demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, saying it would prevent the Palestinian refugees from demanding a return to the lands they were forced to leave because of armed conflict.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 721, December 5, 2014: O Jerusalem, Israelis Have Forgotten Thee

I don’t like Jerusalem. The truth is, I hate it. I try to go there as little as possible and leave as quickly as possible. For the most part, it’s an ugly and infuriating city. The Jewish part has some charming spots, all in the old neighborhoods. The Old City,which is in the Palestinian part, is spectacular in its beauty. But a city doesn’t have to be beautiful to be loved. Tel Aviv isn’t beautiful, yet it is loved. A secular, liberal and humanist Israeli cannot love Jerusalem. You can’t love a city when it's immoral. Its sanctity cannot speak to a secular person; such a person can’t accept the false political premises stemming from this sanctity. Such Israelis should stand up against the religious-nationalist brainwashing campaign all around Jerusalem.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 720, November 29, 2014: Israel’s own tunnels of dread in Jerusalem

While everyone is preoccupied with the Hamas tunnels in Gaza, Israel continues to dig under Palestinian houses in Jerusalem. With the Hamas tunnels dominating the Israeli narrative for the past several weeks, their inherent danger horrifying the entire state and sometimes leading to apocalyptic visions, the state of Israel persistently continued digging its own underground tunnels – in Jerusalem. These tunnels, like those of Hamas, are being dug under a heavy cloak of secrecy. They should serve as a tool for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They are being dug under the houses of uninvolved civilians, in this case Palestinians.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 719, November 21, 2014: Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Malala Yousafzai, has announced that she is donating the full amount of the prize to rebuild UNRWA schools damaged during the recent fighting in Gaza. ‘ I am honored to announce all my World’s Children’s Prize money will go to help students and schools in an especially difficult place – in Gaza.I am donating these funds to The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, which is performing heroic work to serve children in Gaza, in very difficult circumstances. This funding will help rebuild the 65 schools damaged during the recent conflict. We must all work to ensure Palestinian boys and girls, and all children everywhere, receive a quality education in a safe environment. Because without education, there will never be peace. Let us stand together for peace and education because together we are more powerful.’

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 718, November 15, 2014: Parental Exposure to Military Attacks and infant deficiency at birth

A study was undertaken in Gaza, Palestine, in a cohort of babies born in 2011. Hair samples of newborns were analyzed for metal load by DRC-ICP-MS. We report specific level of contamination by teratogen/toxicants metals of newborn babies, environmentally unexposed, according to their phenotypes at birth: normal full term babies, birth defects or developmentally premature. Number of newborns with birth defects and hair load of contaminants higher than the median levels of controls versus the nature of poisons Bar 1 Mercury ,Selenium, Tin (15) Bars 2-6 Mercury ,Selenium (5) These poisons come from the explosion of bombs .Data from Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza, Palestine Scientists from Genoa, Napoli et Gaza ( P.Manduca, S. Signoriello, A.Naim).

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