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The Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) is a human rights organization that explicitly recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to national existence and to live in security. We condemn all violations of human rights. PAJU was co-founded in Montreal by Bruce Katz, a Jewish Canadian and Rezeq Faraj, a Palestinian Canadian who have been friends for more than 25 years. Our group is comprised of Jews, Palestinians and other Canadians of good conscience who work together to promote peace in the Middle East and to educate the public on the Palestinian question.


"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 819, October 21, 2016: « Lehava Is Burning Jerusalem »

Jerusalem restaurant owners claim that members of the radical right group Lehava — the Hebrew acronym for Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land — are threatening them with violence if they employ Arabs. In addition to making threats, Lehava activists have also carried out a series ofviolent attacks in Jerusalem against Arab laborers, taxi drivers and passersby. The attacks began soon after three Israeli youths were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinians in the West Bank in June 2014, and according to city restaurateurs, there has been a dramatic rise in such incidents since then. They claim that dozens of Lehava thugs go “Arab hunting,” especially on Thursdays, when yeshiva students begin their break for Sabbath, and on Saturday evenings, when they head back to their seminaries

Convocation to the PAJU Annual General Assembly, the 23th of October 2016

Dear PAJU members,

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, PAJU will hold its annual general assembly.

The meeting will take place from 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM at the Association des travailleurs grecs, 5359, avenue du Parc.

Bruce Katz

Président de PAJU

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 818, October 14, 2016: Israel prosecutes 700 children in Military Courts each year.US Envoy to defend them

New York, June 20, 2016—Twenty members of the United States Congress signed a letter to President Barack Obama urging the appointment of a Special Envoy for Palestinian Children to ensure the U.S. government prioritizes Palestinian children’s rights. The letter, initiated by Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minnesota, expresses concern for Palestinian children under 18 years, living “under the constant fear of arrest, detention, and violence at the hands of the Israeli military.” They represent 46 percent of the 4.68 million Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 817, October 7, 2016: Jordan River Waters in Palestine: Israel has been seizing 86% of these waters

The Jordan river is the largest freshwater reservoir in Israel: it provides one third of the country's needs, supplying cities and irrigating the crops, to the Negev desert. More than 1.5 million m3 are siphoned daily. Jordan pours at the Tiberias lake 500 million m3 per year, the rate drops to 20 million at the exit. Pilgrims immerge themselves with piety in waters dirty because of water shortage.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 816, September 30, 2016: Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories

Amnesty International Report 2015-2016 In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Israeli forces committed unlawful killings of Palestinian civilians, including children, and detained thousands of Palestinians who protested against or otherwise opposed Israel’s continuing military occupation, holding hundreds in administrative detention. Torture and other ill-treatment remained rife and were committed with impunity. The authorities continued to promote illegal settlements in the West Bank, and severely restricted Palestinians’ freedom of movement, further tightening restrictions amid an escalation of violence from October, which included attacks on Israeli civilians by Palestinians and apparent extrajudicial executions by Israeli forces

The City of Montreal must cancel its Economic Mission to Israel

Press Release

Montreal, September 26th, 2016

The Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre and Toronto Mayor John Tory will visit Israel - and, symbolically, the West Bank - as part of an economic mission from November 13th to November 18th, 2016. In so doing, the mayors of Montreal and Toronto, and those individuals and groups who will accompany them, including the Montreal Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Centre Montreal make themselves complicit with the institutionalized system of segregation which victimizes Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as the Bedouin of the Negev region.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 815, September 23, 2016: The "S" in BDS: Lessons from the Campaing against Elbit Systems

Maren Mantovani, Jamal Juma

An "invincible" industry is in trouble

For years, Palestinians and their supporters - world-famous personalities like Desmond Tutu, Adolfo Peres Esquivel, Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky - have called for an immediate and complete embargo against Israel for it to be held accountable for its violations of Palestinian rights. Tens of thousands of people have signed petitions and activists have demonstrated against companies doing business with the Israeli army. Over the past decade, activists have led a campaign against Elbit Systems, one of the largest of Israeli arms companies.

Why A Military Embargo Against Israel Is Necessary


Workshop :Military Embargo Against Israel

Université du Québec à Montréal

August 12th, 2016

Presentation by Bruce Katz, Co-President, Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU)

In an article published in the Electronic Intifada in 2006, Ilan Pappe refers to Israeli policy on the Gaza Strip as ‘incremental genocide’ which simply refers to the series of calculated and murderous attacks on Gaza every few years as a plan for a slow but steady genocide aimed at eliminating as much of the Palestinian population of Gaza as possible over a period of time. The idea is, and in effect always has been, for Israel to maintain its control over the Palestinian territories it has illegally expropriated by eliminating as much of the Palestinian population as possible through ethnic cleansing, economic strangulation and settler terrorism in the West Bank, aided and abetted by the Israeli army, and massive destruction and indiscriminate killing in Gaza resulting from the disproportionate use of superior military technology against a civilian population, the latter portrayed, by way of Israel’s well-conceived Hasbara or propaganda program, as terrorists. Israel, despite its disproportionate use of military force, presents itself as the victim. As Ilan Pappe points out, “Downsizing the number of Palestinians all over historic Palestine is still the Zionist vision. In Gaza, its implementation takes its most inhuman form.”

Justin must say NO!!

Vigil every Fridays, from noon to 1 h

529 Jarry East, Montreal, Quebec H2P 1V4

The 68th year of the Palestinian catastrophe (al Nakba)

Saturday May 14 at 7 PM - to midnight

Starting point : Metro Mont-Royal

This year will mark the 68th year of the Palestinian catastrophe ( al Nakba).

We, Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU), Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights - UQAM (SPHR-UQAM) and Tadamon invite all those who oppose imperialism, colonialism and modern fascism to join us to commemorate the Nakba and thereby the Palestinian resistance!


États-Unis. 2016. Réal.: Loretta Alper & Jeremy Earp. 85 min.

Film in English with French subtitles

Israel’s ongoing military occupation of Palestinian territory and its repeated invasions of the Gaza strip have triggered a fierce backlash against Israeli policies virtually everywhere in the world—except the United States. THE OCCUPATION OF THE AMERICAN MIND takes an eye-opening look at this critical exception, zeroing in on pro-Israel public relations efforts within the United States.

Narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading observers of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, the film explores how the Israeli government, the U.S. government, and the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces, often with very different motives, to shape American media coverage of the conflict in Israel’s favor.

Boycott Hummus Sabra

Boycott products at Adonis

MARCHÉ ADONIS 2173, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, QC, CA.

Dear Mr. Naaman Aboud,

Le 18 juin 2015

It has come to our attention, as well as to some other members of our organisation who shop at Adonis, that you currently stock Sabra hmmus, a product of the the Israeli company named the Strauss Group which has “adopted” an elite IDF unit. The company’s website has boasted of providing the Golani Brigade “with an ongoing variety of food products for their training or missions, and provide personal care packages for each soldier that completes the path.”

The Strauss Group has also said it gives funds to the IDF unit for “welfare, cultural and educational activities, such as pocket money for underprivileged soldiers, sports and recreational equipment, care packages, and books and games for the soldiers’ club.”

Launching of the Quebec Boycott Israeli Apartheid (BDS)

Welcome to the launching of the Quebec BDS Coalition

Facilitator :

(member of the Coordinating Committee of the Quebec BDS Coalition) Speakers:

activist and former Executive Director of CUTV)

Saturday, June 15, 2013 • 12h30

At l’Usine C 1345 Av. Lalonde

At Festival des solidarités

For complete program :

As resolutions in favour of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the State of Israel’s apartheid policies multiply among Quebec organisations, the Quebec BDS Coalition is being formed and you are cordially invited to attend its launching.

Come broach the subject with members of the Coalition to hear about their onthe- ground experiences and to talk about strategies which need to be undertaken in order to carry forward this historic campaign with international roots for peace and justice in Palestine.

Boycott Indigo

Weekly Friday Vigil - Noon to 1 PM

End the occcupation !

Join PAJU and support the heroic resistance of the Palestinian People. Become part of the longest-running protest vigil in Canadian history, every Friday

Every friday, silent vigil in protest against the occupation.

Time: Noon - 1 pm

Place:529 Jarry East, Montreal, Quebec H2P 1V4, (metro Jarry)

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