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The Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) is a human rights organization that explicitly recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to national existence and to live in security. We condemn all violations of human rights. PAJU was co-founded in Montreal by Bruce Katz, a Jewish Canadian and Rezeq Faraj, a Palestinian Canadian who have been friends for more than 25 years. Our group is comprised of Jews, Palestinians and other Canadians of good conscience who work together to promote peace in the Middle East and to educate the public on the Palestinian question.


"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 802, June 24, 2016: Right to Boycott part 2

The international BDS movement aims to pressure Israel, as South African apartheid was pressured, to comply with international law. It has attracted the support of mainstream unions, churches and political parties across the world and compelled large corporations, including Veolia and Orange, to end their involvement in Israel’s human rights violations.

By banning our colleague Omar Barghouti from travelling and threatening him with physical violence, Israel is showing the lengths it will go to in order to stop the spread of the non-violent BDS movement for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 801, June 17 2016: RIGHT TO BOYCOT PART 1

Israel has officially refused to renew the travel document of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement co-founder Omar Barghouti in a move that amounts to a travel ban and is an escalation of its attacks on Palestinian human rights defenders who nonviolently advocate for Palestinian rights under international law.

The measures being taken against Omar are deeply political. A Human Rights Watch spokesperson has condemned the travel ban against Omar.

Justin must say NO!!

Vigil every Fridays, from noon to 1 h

529 Jarry East, Montreal, Quebec H2P 1V4

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 800, June 10, 2016: Number of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons soars

Israel has sunk to new lows this year: arresting and imprisoning its youngest female detainee, 12-year-old Dima al-Wawi, and sentencing her to nearly five months in prison.

Dima was arrested in February after she allegedly approached the settlement of Karmei Tzur in the southern occupied West Bank with a knife.

All of Israel’s settlements are illegal under international law. She has said her intention was to stab a security guard, but the incident resulted in no injuries.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 799, June 3, 2016: The Al- Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds

The Al- Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) and its institutions are the scene of frequent raids by Israeli extremists. UNESCO chief Irina Bokova's call for “respect and dialogue” came after Israel reacted with outrage to the UN body's adoption of a resolution on “Occupied Palestine” on Thursday. The resolution refers to Israel several times as the “occupying power,” while referring to the holy site by only its Arab name and criticizes Tel Aviv for “excavations and works” in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 798, May 27, 2016: The Boycott of Israel is not Anti-Semitic

According to Manuel Valls, "anti-Zionism is simply synonymous with anti-Semitism." There are two possible answers. The first, the CRIF dinner, based on two successive assertions: the State of Israel speaks for Jews worldwide; therefore, to be "anti-Zionist" ,to criticize Israeli policy is not only to denigrate the Israeli government, but the entire country's population and all Jews everywhere - this is anti-Semitism. This view obscures two crucial points: the great majority of Jews live outside Israel and among them are many who disagree with its policies; moreover, criticizing a government does not mean that one accuses the country's entire population. No, to condemn the colonial policy of Israel has nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 797, May 20, 2016: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis *

In most countries, remnants of these events do not have a dominant influence on actual political and societal behavior.

The historian, Lenni Brenner suggests that these remnants carry more weight in the State of Israel. Would this analysis contribute to explaining some features of Israeli politics ?

The 68th year of the Palestinian catastrophe (al Nakba)

Saturday May 14 at 7 PM - to midnight

Starting point : Metro Mont-Royal

This year will mark the 68th year of the Palestinian catastrophe ( al Nakba).

We, Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU), Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights - UQAM (SPHR-UQAM) and Tadamon invite all those who oppose imperialism, colonialism and modern fascism to join us to commemorate the Nakba and thereby the Palestinian resistance!

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 796, May 13, 2016: Israel-Palestine: The French Initiative (Part 2)

In the previous article, it was clear to the signatories who spoke in support of the French initiative that non-compliance by Israel with international law, the constant and limitless aggravation of Israeli colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the blockade of Gaza were major obstacles to finding a solution.


États-Unis. 2016. Réal.: Loretta Alper & Jeremy Earp. 85 min.

Film in English with French subtitles

Israel’s ongoing military occupation of Palestinian territory and its repeated invasions of the Gaza strip have triggered a fierce backlash against Israeli policies virtually everywhere in the world—except the United States. THE OCCUPATION OF THE AMERICAN MIND takes an eye-opening look at this critical exception, zeroing in on pro-Israel public relations efforts within the United States.

Narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading observers of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, the film explores how the Israeli government, the U.S. government, and the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces, often with very different motives, to shape American media coverage of the conflict in Israel’s favor.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 795, May 6, 2016: Israel-Palestine: The French Initiative (Part 1)

In the context of the failure of the "peace process" leading to the creation of a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, France has called an international meeting to re-launch negotiations. This meeting would be held in Paris on May 30th. Those invited are: the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia and possibly other countries. Twenty former senior diplomats, academics and leading journalists have given their support to this initiative.

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil # 794, April 29, 2016: Israelis rally around soldier filmed executing injured Palestinian

Abd al-Fattah Yusri al-Sharif was shot dead along with Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi, both of them 21 years old, after allegedly stabbing and moderately wounding a soldier in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron’s Old City on Thursday. The slaying of al-Sharif, who was lying on the ground incapacitated but moving his head before he was shot, was caught on video. The new video shows the shooter “shaking hands with far-right activist Baruch Marzel” while al-Sharif’s body is removed from the scene, according to Haaretz. The US-born Marzel, a former leader of the violent group Kach, is notorious for fomenting attacks on Palestinians. The video provides visible evidence of the close relationship between the Israeli army and the violent settlers it supports and protects.

Speech by Bruce Katz of Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) on August 8th, 2015 in front of the Consulate of Israel in Montreal

Nous condamnons une fois de plus un autre crime brutal contre une famille palestinienne par des colons juifs fanatiques, ce qui a entraîné la mort d’un nourrisson de dix-huit mois – brûlé vif dans son domicile familial quand ces colons ont incendié la maison en plein milieu de la nuit. Ses parents et son jeune frère ont subi des brûlures importantes sur la plupart de leurs corps et restent entre la vie et la mort. Au nom de Palestiniens et Juifs unis, j’offre nos plus sincères condoléances à la famille éprouvée.

Boycott Hummus Sabra

Boycott products at Adonis

MARCHÉ ADONIS 2173, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, QC, CA.

Dear Mr. Naaman Aboud,

Le 18 juin 2015

It has come to our attention, as well as to some other members of our organisation who shop at Adonis, that you currently stock Sabra hmmus, a product of the the Israeli company named the Strauss Group which has “adopted” an elite IDF unit. The company’s website has boasted of providing the Golani Brigade “with an ongoing variety of food products for their training or missions, and provide personal care packages for each soldier that completes the path.”

The Strauss Group has also said it gives funds to the IDF unit for “welfare, cultural and educational activities, such as pocket money for underprivileged soldiers, sports and recreational equipment, care packages, and books and games for the soldiers’ club.”

PAJU Statement on the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Montreal, May 5th, 2015

Our organization, Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) expresses its solidarity with the Armenian people and the people and organizations that commemorate the Armenian Genocide of 1915, the first genocide of the twentieth century.

From April 1915 to July 1916, two thirds of Armenians (one and a half million or more) who lived on the present territory of Turkey, were massacred by the government of the Ottoman Empire. The Armenians perished due to deportations, famine and large-scale massacres. It was planned and executed by the party in power at the time, the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), better known as the "Young Turks." (

A BDS Victory Story: Naot closes its shoe store on St. Denis Street

Press Release

Montreal, January 2nd, 2015

In 2010, PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) announced its campaign to make Montreal’s St. Denis Street an apartheid-free zone. The campaign began by targeting Beautyfeel shoes (made in Israel) at Le Marcheur shoe store.

Although the ultimate target of the campaign was the Naot store, a transnational corporation (Disney is the major share-holder by way of Shamrock investments) with a manufacturing centre in the illegal Gush Etzion settlement block near Hebron, the choice of beginning our picket in front of Le Marcheur made it clear that PAJU was picketing an Israeli product and that there was nothing ‘anti-Semitic’ about the campaign, despite comments to the contrary by the usual circles of support for the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

Launching of the Quebec Boycott Israeli Apartheid (BDS)

Welcome to the launching of the Quebec BDS Coalition

Facilitator :

(member of the Coordinating Committee of the Quebec BDS Coalition) Speakers:

activist and former Executive Director of CUTV)

Saturday, June 15, 2013 • 12h30

At l’Usine C 1345 Av. Lalonde

At Festival des solidarités

For complete program :

As resolutions in favour of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the State of Israel’s apartheid policies multiply among Quebec organisations, the Quebec BDS Coalition is being formed and you are cordially invited to attend its launching.

Come broach the subject with members of the Coalition to hear about their onthe- ground experiences and to talk about strategies which need to be undertaken in order to carry forward this historic campaign with international roots for peace and justice in Palestine.

Boycott Indigo

Weekly Friday Vigil - Noon to 1 PM

End the occcupation !

Join PAJU and support the heroic resistance of the Palestinian People. Become part of the longest-running protest vigil in Canadian history, every Friday

in front of in front of Indigo Books on the north-west corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College

Every friday, silent vigil in protest against the occupation.

Time: Noon - 1 pm

Place: corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College

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