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The Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) is a human rights organization that explicitly recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to national existence and to live in security. We condemn all violations of human rights. PAJU was co-founded in Montreal by Bruce Katz, a Jewish Canadian and Rezeq Faraj, a Palestinian Canadian who have been friends for more than 25 years. Our group is comprised of Jews, Palestinians and other Canadians of good conscience who work together to promote peace in the Middle East and to educate the public on the Palestinian question.


"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #919, September 21, 2018: News of the War Against Jeremy Corbyn

by Thierry Labica

In recent months, the intense war waged against the left-wing leadership of the British Labour Party over the last three years, has been on the anti-Semitism front, which Jeremy Corbyn is now supposed to have unleashed upon British society as a whole.

The three British Jewish newspapers, the Jewish Chronicle, the Jewish News and the Jewish Telegraph, published a joint editorial announcing that a government led by Jeremy Corbyn would represent nothing less than an existential threat to the Jews of Britain, meaning for all intent and purpose, that condemnation of the policy of the State of Israel invariably means hostility to Jews.

Paju's Vigil: Friday september 21, 2018 at the street fair on Ste-Catherine, corner of St-Urbain

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #918, September 14, 2018: The Unrepentant Fascism of Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech Wednesday at the Dimona nuclear plant, the site and symbol of Israel’s nuclear weapon capacity, and warned Iran and other regional rivals against taking Israel on.

The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong…

Paju's Vigil September 14 and 15, 2018 at the street fair on St-Laurent Boulevard

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #917, September 7, 2018: Censored film names Adam Milstein as Canary Mission funder

by Asa Winstanley and Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada

Israel lobby financier Adam Milstein has been identified as the funder of Canary Mission, the anonymous website that aims to tarnish the reputations of US supporters of Palestinian rights.

Milstein is named as the financier of Canary Mission by Eric Gallagher, a former employee of The Israel Project, in Al Jazeera’s censored investigative film, The Lobby – USA. The Electronic Intifada is releasing segments it has obtained of the film: one shows Gallagher telling an undercover Al Jazeera reporter about Milstein’s role and the other shows Milstein talking about the need to “investigate” and “expose” critics of Israel, who Milstein believes are not only anti-Semites, but also “anti-Christian” and “anti-freedom” activists who “terrorize us.”

Paju's Vigil: Friday ans Sunday September 7th and 8th,2018 at the street fair on Ontario East

Hi all,

The week September 7 & 8, Vigil and Distribution of PAJU:

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #916, August 31, 2018: Ethical Jews reject Zionism

Yoav Litvin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing government has abandoned any façade of democracy and liberalism and is effectively exposing Zionism as a racist and nationalistic project rooted in white supremacy, settler colonialism and 19th century European fascism. This has led to a profound crisis for Israel, which seeks to conflate Zionist interests with Jewish interests and values and is dependent on its links to American Jews who are predominantly liberal.

Paju's Vigil: Friday August 31 and September 1st,2018 at the street fair on Ontario East

The week August 31 & Sept 1st, vigil and distribution of PAJU:

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #915, August 24, 2018: Kushner Reportedly Worked to Strip Jordan's Two Million Palestinians of Refugee Status

Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, has reportedly pressured Jordan to strip the refugee status of more than two million registered Palestinians living in the country.

According to a report in the U.S. magazine Foreign Policy, Kushner raised the issue with Jordanian officials in the region during his visit there in June.

Hasan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization's Executive Committee, claimed that the senior aide's move was part of a broader effort by him and the U.S. administration to render UNRWA, the UN aid agency providing relief to Palestinian, irrelevant and halt its work in Jordan and in other countries in the Middle East.

Paju's Vigil: Friday August 24 and 25, 2018 at the Mount-Royal street sale

The week of August 24 & 25, vigils and distribution of PAJU leaflets are:

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #914, August 17, 2018: Israel’s Policies In Gaza Are Genocidal

Haidar Eid on August 3, 2018

Palestinians of Gaza live an ongoing, illegal, crippling Israeli siege that has shattered all spheres of life, prompting the former UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights, Richard Falk, to describe it as “a prelude to genocide”.

In 2009, the UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, headed by the highly respected South African judge, Richard Goldstone, found Israel guilty of “war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.”

The Goldstone report, for example, concludes that Israel’s war on Gaza was “designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population, radically diminish its local economic capacity both to work and to provide for itself, and to force upon it an ever increasing sense of dependency and vulnerability.”

Paju's Vigil at thew Gay Pride Week & Parade August 17-18-19

This week, August 17 & 18 and 19, distribution of PAJU is:

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #913, August 10, 2018: Thousands Attend Mega Arabic Lesson in Tel Aviv to Protest Nation-state Law

Organized by a consortium of Israeli civil society organizations, the event was held to protest the controversial nation-state law, passed this month, that downgrades Arabic as one of the country’s official languages.

by Judy Maltz

It was billed the biggest Arabic lesson in the world, and on Monday evening organizers estimated that a few thousand Israelis participated in the mega-event held in one of Tel Aviv’s big city squares.

Paju's Vigil AUGUST 10 AND 11 at the First Peoples' Festival

The week August 10 & 11 PAJU vigil and leaflet distribution at the First Peoples' Festival:

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #912, August 3rd, 2018: ‘You Cannot Be A Democracy And Not A State Of All Its Citizens’

Last month, the Presidium of the Israeli Knesset voted to disqualify a proposed bill that called for Israel “to be defined as a state of all its citizens” before it even reached the Knesset floor for deliberation.

The bill, entitled “Basic Law: A Country of All Its Citizens,” was submitted by MKs Jamal Zahalka, Haneen Zoabi and Joumah Azbarg of the Balad party of the Joint List political bloc.

It called for the state of Israel to treat its Jewish and Palestinian citizens equally, and to recognize the rights of its Arab minority as equal to the Jewish majority.

Paju's Vigil: NO vigil AUGUST 3RD AND 4TH

Hello everyone,

This week August 3 & 4 - no distribution PAJU : - HOLIDAY

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #911, July 27, 2018: Speaker at Israeli gov’t conference promotes genocide against Arabs and non-Jews

A week ago, the Israeli Ministry of Education held a conference in Jerusalem for the state’s religious education sector (Ynet reports, Hebrew, English here).

Education Minister Naftali Bennett was also present.

The theme was “speaking about the values of the Jewish family in 2018, about education to healthy sexuality, modesty, feminism, values and Zionism.”

Paju's Vigil: Friday July 27 and 28, 2018 at the street fair on Ste-Catherine, corner of St-Urbain

Hello everyone,

PAJU leafleting and vigil at the same place as last week where we distributed about 2000 leaflets.

*FRIDAY July 27 from 12:00 to 13:00 at the festival Just pour Rire at the corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Urbain (metro Place-des-Arts or metro St-Laurent)

*SATURDAY July 28 from 13:00 to 15:00 at the festival Just pour Rire at the corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Urbain (metro Place-des-Arts or metro St-Laurent)




Montreal, July 23rd, 2018

''“We have passed this law to prevent any inclination or attempt to turn the State of Israel into a nation of all its citizens”''

Avi Dichter, Likud Member of Israel’s Knesset

Israel’s Zionist project reached its logical outcome with the law passed in the Knesset July 19th, 2018 which formally establishes an exclusive Jewish state in Israel. From its inception, the Zionist movement foresaw a Jewish state built on all of the land of historic Palestine, cleansed of its indigenous Palestinian Arab population. While the Palestinians of Israel (approximately 20% of Israel’s population) still remain in Israel pending their eventual “transfer,” they are now without status for all intent and purpose. What observers have been saying about Israel for years is now official: Israel is an apartheid state.

Paju's Vigil: Friday July 20 and 21, 2018 at the street fair on Ste-Catherine, corner of St-Urbain

Hello everyone,

PAJU leafleting and vigi this week:

*FRIDAY July 20 from 12:00 to 13:00 at the festival Just pour Rire at the corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Urbain (metro Place-des-Arts or metro St-Laurent)

*SATURDAY July 21 from 13:00 to 15:00 at the festival Just pour Rire at the corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Urbain (metro Place-des-Arts or metro St-Laurent)

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #910, July 20, 2018: Finding the truth amid Israel’s lies

Ilan Pappe

Great sadness and suffering flooded the roads – convoy upon convoy of refugees making their way to the Lebanese border. They leave the villages of their homeland and the homeland of their ancestors and move to an alien, unknown new land, full of troubles. Women, children, babies, donkeys – everyone is on the move, quietly and sadly, to the north, without looking left or right.

Paju's Vigil: Friday July 13, 2018 at the street fair on Notre-Dame West St., corner Francis

Greetings to all!

The PAJU vigils for Friday, July 13th and Saturday July 14th will be held at the street fair on Ste-Catherine Street corner McGill College.

We will distribute our leaflets during both vigils.

Friday, July 13th: Ste. Catherine Street corner McGill College from noon to 1 PM.

Saturday, July 14th: Ste.Catherine Street corner McGill College from 1PM to 3 PM

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #909, July 13, 2018: Robert Fisk: The 'ultimate deal' that Jared Kushner is proposing for Palestine would strip the people of all their dignity

Is there no humiliation left for the Palestinians? After Oslo, after the “two state solution”, after the years of Israeli occupation – of “Area A” and “Area C” to define which kind of occupation the Palestinians must live under – after the vast Jewish colonisation of land thieved from its Arab owners, after the mass killings of Gaza, and Trump’s decision that Jerusalem, all of Jerusalem, must be the capital of Israel, are the Palestinians going to be asked to settle for cash and a miserable village? Is there no shame left?

"End the occupation !" PAJU Vigil #908, July 6, 2018: No Medical Treatment for Wounded : Ship fired at

Organisers of the voyage, called Break the Siege committee told Al Jazeera the captured boat went as far as 14 nautical miles (26 km) when Israeli forces started shooting towards the vessel. "We're surrounded by Israeli warships to the left, the right, to our front and from behind. We're stuck in the middle," an activist on the flotilla told reporters.

Although hundreds of people boarded more than 30 fishing boats in support of the main vessel, they did not cross the six-nautical-mile (11 km ) permitted boundary, Ramadan al-Hayek, one of the organisers of the voyage, told Al Jazeera. Israeli naval forces have intercepted a Palestinian vessel hours after it sailed off the coast of the besieged Gaza strip.

Paju's Vigil: NO vigil JUNE 29 AND 30

Hello everyone,

NO PAJU leafleting and NO vigil JUNE 29 AND 30 AND JULY 1.


  • FRIDAY JULY 6 FROM 12:00 TO 13:00 AT THE PLAZA ST-HUBERT corner of Jean Talon and St-. Hubert (metro Jean Talon)
  • SATURDAY JULY 7 FROM 13:00 TO 15:00 AT THE PLAZA ST-HUBERT corner of Jean Talon and St-. Hubert (metro Jean Talon)

Boycott Hummus Sabra

Boycott products at Adonis

MARCHÉ ADONIS 2173, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, QC, CA.

Dear Mr. Naaman Aboud,

Le 18 juin 2015

It has come to our attention, as well as to some other members of our organisation who shop at Adonis, that you currently stock Sabra hmmus, a product of the the Israeli company named the Strauss Group which has “adopted” an elite IDF unit. The company’s website has boasted of providing the Golani Brigade “with an ongoing variety of food products for their training or missions, and provide personal care packages for each soldier that completes the path.”

The Strauss Group has also said it gives funds to the IDF unit for “welfare, cultural and educational activities, such as pocket money for underprivileged soldiers, sports and recreational equipment, care packages, and books and games for the soldiers’ club.”

Boycott Indigo

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